31 Oct 2014

10 Fun Things To Do With Your Money If You Don’t Know What To Do With It (And Don’t Want To Spend It On Yourself)


Granted, you are already wealthy, or at least comfortable. You are blessed and want to have some fun in life. Today, we are having fun with money. We are going to do a couple of refreshingly thrilling things with our money in order to catch fun and feel real good with our self. 

This is a hilarious article and the ideas are meant to be fun even just reading them, so don’t take it too seriously. But if you end up doing any of it and you had fun, let me know so we can share a laugh together. Lol

sijinius.com1.       Withdraw it all, bring it home and count it note for note, one by one. (But don’t bury it in your garden. Lol.) And don’t forget to return it to the bank later, so that you don’t attract men of the underworld. Lol.
Fun part: You will get thrilled simply from knowing that it all belongs to you. It will also reassure you that…  I AM RICH, BABY! lol 

2.       Organise a neighbourhood competition for children around your house- football, quiz, soda/coke drinking, pets competition, sack race, dance, anything that will give you fun and joy watching. But not a party oh! And don’t make it flamboyant or too serious, the aim isn’t to call attention to yourself/family/house. It is simply to catch fun.
Fun part: Do it and you will surely be thrilled by how happy children can be especially when they are allowed to play and catch their fun, and you’ll definitely want to do it again. You will be glad to make someone (or a lot of neighbours) happy.

3.       Go to a center for special needs children, motherless babies home or orphanage in your locality and spend the whole day with them. You may or may not go with gifts (but take along your check book just in case you feel the need to leave them with some money).
Fun part: You will get to see that people who don’t have half as much as you have (been given) are alive and very much happy. It will change your focus, away from material things and the need to acquire more, to just having fun being alive and being grateful for it. Being with children too has a way of calming you and taking your mind off work (unless your work is with children, anyway.lol).

4.       Withdraw some of it, convert it all to a currency you have never heard of or seen before e.g. Mexican Peso, Russian Rubble, Liberian Dollars or Chinese Yuan, keep it for a while and then exchange it back to naira.
Fun part: You get to see and feel what other people wake up, and live to get more of every single day, in their own country! If you are not a frequent traveler, it will remind you that other currencies truly exist apart from the naira, and other places apart from Nigeria.

5.       Go to a children’s cancer ward/hospital and grant someone’s last wish. This might cost a little in terms of time and cash, but it will sure give you great joy and thrill more than any other expense can.
Fun part: Make it fun. Try to forget that the child has a terminal illness because that’s what you are trying to do for the child too, anyway. Allow both you and the child to be lost in the thought that life can be fun while it lasts, and please do catch your fun at least while granting the wish.

 [You can ask the hospital to randomly ask the children for a wish they will like to see fulfilled, without giving them a clue that their wish will be granted. Then, you will be presented with a variety to decide on the one you want to grant. This is also an NGO idea for someone out there: collect last wishes from terminally ill patients in Nigeria, and match them with wealthy people who can grant them]. 

6.       Ask your bank for the coins equivalent of, say N50, 000, and bring it home. Keep looking at it every single day to reassure you that you are very very wealthy. Lol
Fun part: Mint coins have this cool feeling it gives when you are looking at a lot of it. When I was in primary school and my dad was working in another state, being a banker, he will give us two-weeks’ worth of pocket money in mint coins. Just looking at them used to give me goose bumps. I was rich! Of course I spent it all up in one week, and had to go without pocket money for the second week. Lol

7.       Laminate the different notes of our currency (N1000, N500, N200, N10, and probably some hard currencies like pound and dollar) and then hang them from the ceiling in different parts of your house- kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room and so on.
Fun part: seeing money twirling in the sky of your home will reinforce to you that you are wealthy. Just make sure they are high enough and can’t be removed by poor visitors to your house. Lol.

8.       Ask your spouse or children for one thing that really wish for, or want fulfilled- an exotic trip, a wrist watch, a weekend together, scuba diving, skiing, a dinner with a particular family or celebrity, anything unique, and grant it!
Fun part: Make it fun by not letting them know you have plans of granting it, when you ask. You can ask now and grant it in ten (10) years time. The whole idea is to surprise them when you eventually grant it not minding the cost. And have fun watching them shout with great joy and gratitude when you reveal that their wish will be granted.

9.       Walk up to some random beautiful lady/guy, chat her/him up but don’t tell your name. Then behave like you are in a hurry to leave and want to write down your number but don’t have paper. So write your number on a N1000 note asking her/him to call you when s/he has credit.
Fun part: Watch for the expression on her/his face! This one can be really fun if you’re careful not come across as being a jerk or a spendthrift and you make it all seem natural. You can do it whether or not you are married. The whole idea really, is to catch the person by surprise not to hook up. [But you may want to see how many Nigerian girls will truly call you back…when she has credit. Lol. Sha try to collect back your N1000 note, when you become friends/see again later] lol

10.   Invite a couple that you have never spoken to (at work or in the neighborhood) over for a one-time dinner. Or someone who will really appreciate the gesture and who least expects or deserves it, maybe from church, the street, anywhere.
Fun part: You will have a friend for life. Greeting people first opens them up to you. Doing something for someone who does not deserve it, or wasn’t in the least expecting it, will make the person adore you and feel really indebted to you, and you will feel really good about it. But don’t do it in order to get a favor, that won’t make it fun anymore.


So now you have more than enough things to do to put a smile on your face and create some fun for you. Don’t tell me that you are bored and don’t know what to do with money oh. I will simply direct you here. lol

While searching for pictures for this article, I came across this interesting site with origamis made from money notes.: http://husainba.blogspot.com


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