29 Oct 2014

How I get to use 12gb data for N4, 000 per month on my android and PC.

On DAY 16, I remember saying I will let you know what methods I use in browsing cheaply once i find a cheaper alternative to browsing that will cost me less than N10, 000.

So here it is, I fulfill my promise:

Before I was using all at the same time,

MTN Night plan
N 2,500
1.5gb bonus (usable anytime of the day) + 3gb (night only after bonus has been used up)
Airtel android plan
N 2,000

N3, 500

2gb data (usable 24/7) + N2000 credit to be used to call any network within 3 days

 4.5gb data (usable 24/7) + N3,500 credit to be used to call any network within 3 days too
N1, 000
3gb of data (usable 24/7 on a blackberry, and also on a CPU if you connect through hotspot)
Total spent in a typical month
N9, 000
Total data gotten= 11gb (9gb for 24/7, 3gb for night only) + extra call credit on airtel.

I was spending up to N10, 000 because I use a Touch 1 BB which doesn’t have hotspot, so I couldn’t connect it to a system. I had multiple plans with the different  networks because I stayed in both rural and urban Kano and the network signal strength varied from place to place. 

Now, I spend N4, 000 MAX to get 12gb monthly. (Though I don't get Airtel's extra credit to call in 3 days anyway, I get to save my money).

I use Glo BIS to browse on both my Tecno android phone and my pc after changing the IMEI. If you want to know how I did it, you can follow any of these two links:

 FeelPHC.com's      How to get 3gb data for android with glo  


 at Yomi’s blog  -   Universal method of changing HTC IMEI   (HTC Users)

                                How to swap android IMEI to BB (Tecno, Samsung and others)

 The first one is the method I used originally, but you can also use yomiprof.com’s method, he says if you are in Lagos, you can go to computer village where they can use octopus box to help you convert a difficult android phone’s IMEI to that of a BB.

But if you are in Lagos, Abuja and other big cities, you might have access to free wifi and very fast broadband at affordable prices and not need my village money-saving method. lol.

I hope this helped someone save some cash.

I forgot to add that if you are using an android not converted, you can get  up to 9gb on Airtel, just dial *438*1#. This goes for N3,500 (1+1 promo, lasts for 2 months)

But if it is 4gb you want, dial *437*1# It goes for N2,000.

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