21 Nov 2014

How To Maximize Scholarship and Grants Opportunities Online


Like I said under making money in the betting industry, everyone has the innate need to be lucky. Who wants bad luck?
But the issue and the question is always “How can I be lucky?” Where is luck so I might bribe him? Lol.

Almost everyone who comes online wants to get something for nothing, either a free news info, or an article that details how to do something for free, and so on. There is nothing wrong with that, it is just that sometimes, before getting to the truly free info, you will first have been lured and deceived by many other sites claiming to offer something for free when it isn’t actually free (have you been there before? Lol, very annoying).

I will try to give you as many truly free competitions and scholarship opportunities and useful links as possible. I will also keep updating this list so that it contains useful links and updated information. Even if I can’t update this one per time, I will post whatever useful freebie I find useful for you as a blog post, so keep coming back to this blog to check or simply subscribe by putting your email address in the space provided on the right side of this blog.

Someone once said that “Luck is what happens when opportunity meets preparation”. For you to be lucky to win any of these grants, scholarships, fellowships or competitions, you have to be prepared.
Some scholarships require you to simply apply for admission, while others require you to meet a particular GPA every year for the scholarship to be renewed. Still, some require you to have put in some community leadership or volunteer work to qualify for the fellowship or scholarship. I recently put in for the Mandela Washington Fellowship and part of what was really emphasized was community work done in the past or at present.

For the contests, I will be concentrating on international competitions that Nigerians living in Nigeria can enter for, and I will also be concentrating on TRULY free-entry competitions whose prizes include money/cash. If Nigerians cannot enter for it, for me to post it, then it will have to be a really, really popular competition. Let’s get started.

The way it works is that for some of the competitions, winners are selected by professional judges whereas for others, winners are selected by votes from other community users/competitors. But all in all, you have to know that the scholarship exists first, then prepare to maximize it. I wish you all the best as you apply for any of these that are within your area of talent or expertise.

1.      Youth-idea competitions, poetry competitions and other intellectual competitions:
People make money from using their knowledge and intelligence in areas such as ideas generation, poetry, writing/essay competitions online, and many more. Study and Scholarship contest page is devoted to contests, idea competition and essays that you can put in for.
Examples include:

a)      Poetry/essays/writing: Creativegenius has a couple of poetry competitions but not all of them apply to Nigerians,
 firstwriter.com is a paid subscription online community with lots of free-entry writing and poetry competitions. Subscription to the community costs about $5. Fanstory.com has a lot of poetry and writing contests, also 
freelancewriting for writing contests.

b)      Talents/Photography/singing: Tallenge.com is a very cool site for anyone who is talented in photography, music, art, and many more. Try it out. They have cool prizes too. It is an online community whereby winners aren’t selected by judges but by other’s votes.  Other photo competitions can be found at LagosPhoto festival,
WorldPhoto.org/competitions, while Photo contest insider has a lot of links to great photo competitions.

c)      Idea grants, fellowship and funds for enterpreneurs:
Ø  UNESCO/STIFTUNG youth idea competition, the  2013/2014 edition just ended but 2014/2015 competition will begin in January.
Ø  Omidyar Network isn’t a competition but an investment fund for entrepreneurs. They support businesses all over the world. 
Ø  Ashoka Youth venture Fellowship for social entrepreneurs, this link is also relevant. 

d)      Stocks/trading: NSE annual Essay competition 
Howthemarketworks.com stock trading contests 


Here are a couple of links for free tuition universities in the world that you can apply to and also scholarship opportunities.

For free tuition universities, check this site. You will find universities in different countries and continents that offer free tuition courses. 

Study and Scholarships website also has a lot of links to useful postgraduate scholarship opportunities and undergraduate opportunities. You can also check Scholarshipbar too.

I hope you get a scholarship, win a grant or any competition you apply/put in for. All the best.


To be continued.

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