19 Nov 2014

How Would You Feel If Your Wife Gave Birth To A 7-year old 'Baby'?


If your wife was pregnant and about to deliver, would you be happy if she gave birth to a seven year old-looking baby, or even a 30-year old baby? Very funny ain't it?

I am sure you won't. Even though that will save you the stress of soiled diapers and sleepless nights and feverish illnesses and so on, as well as the ton of money you will save, but you know that will also mean you get to miss out on the joy of your child's growth, your child's first words, and first steps, and all those firsts, isn't it?

But how come many of us don't think and feel that way when it comes to our businesses, and the way we make money- our personal finance? We just want to get $500 (N85,000) and the very next moment we want it to become $1000. In fact, some of us won't even mind having $2000 suddenly.

But the next question is "to do what exactly?" What is so urgent that will make you want your 1-day old child to become a 7 year old all of a sudden? If you think about it and come to realise that it won't be worth it, then you understand what growth means.

Every living thing has to grow, else it will cease to be one. Growth is an essential aspect of a thriving entity, and our finances are not exempted. Any attempt to bypass the natural growth process will result in an abnormal entity, or worse, kill the entity. While we can accelerate growth, or fortify the growth process generally, we can't totally circumvent it.

Warren Buffet once said, "No matter the talent a man possesses, he can't make a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant, some things take time." Making money and investing takes time. Business growth takes time, just as it takes time for a baby to grow up into a strong, healthy virile person.

Understand growth, and allow the process of time to take its full course in your finances and how you make money.

...just musing.

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