10 Nov 2014

Starting A New Series On 40 different Ways of Making Money Online, Please Join Me


Ok I didn't want to start this series until I had completed my research and probably tried many of the methods to make money for myself, but I discovered that that will amount to selfishness, and also defeat the purpose for starting this blog.

[In case you still don't know why I started this blog, please read my page ABOUT ME]

Now, we will be doing this together, except for areas such as Forex, Sports betting, Poker, Chess, Blogging and some others that I have tried personally. The other areas are not in my niche, but I will do my utmost to either get an expert who will talk more about them, or refer you to the experts. And if you are an expert in any of the areas, please feel free to contact me so I can refer people to you.

A disclaimer will accompany every page, even though my blog already has a disclaimer. I will start with the illegal ways of making money online, but will not be giving any tips or advice except DO NOT USE THESE PLEASE!

I will paste the tentative table of contents here. But that may change in the eventual ebook. Also, I may leave out some details from the ebook, or give some details here and not include it in the book. Either way, you won't be missing anything if you both follow my posts here, and also get the e-book.

Ok, enough of the story. Let's get started.

40 Different Ways Nigerians Make Money Online

Table of Contents

  1. Credit card scams
  2. Spam mails
  3. Advertising phony products on (Craigslist, OLX, eBay, etc):
  4. HYIP
  5. Pyramid Schemes
  6. Fake forex investment companies
  7. Fake Charity organisations
  8. Hooking up potential victims on Internet dating sites/Forums
  1. Own/start an online betting company
  2. Partner with an online company as an affiliate marketer, or offline retail agent
  3. Become a tipster, or run a sports advisory website/blog
  4. Gamble as a novice, and hope to have a lucky hit
  5. Become a Professional Bettor who consistently makes money gambling
  1. Youth-idea competitions, poetry competitions and other intellectual competitions
  2. Scholarships and grants
  3. Online gaming websites, including poker, chess, casinos, Reality TV/TV Game show web competitons, etc
  4. Enrolling for free webinars, free online courses, free forex competitions, free tipster /sports website competitions
  1. Net currency exchange services
  2. Nigerian Stocks, Bonds
  3. International Stocks
  4. Forex
  5. Options; binary, futures
  6. Commodities
  7. Mutual funds, ETFs
  1. Affiliate Marketing, Network marketing, Drop shipping
  2. Social Media marketing; Facebook/Google/Youtube/Linkedin/Twitter, and Email Marketing
  3. Classified adverts: Craigslist, OLX, imadverts.com, talentnetworkng.com, mobofree, fiverr
  4. Information marketing; Private Label rights and reseller rights
  5. Personal Selling/Reselling products and services, auctioning online; googletrader,OLX,etc. Get your shop on either etsy.com for handmade items, Volusion, storenvy.com and bigcartel.com, Shopify, Amazon or Ebay.

    ONLINE JOBS (Netpreneur/Entrepreneurs/Employees)
  1. Blogging, vblogging
  2. Netpreneurship; start your own online business, Social Media Co., Forum administrator, Bulksms website, shortcode website
  3. Freelance writing/Guest writing, amateur photography, Graphic artistry etc
  4. Set up a mobile site for a popular blogger (e.g. Ayodeji Balogun for LindaIkeji.mobi)
  5. Online Book/e-book publishing
  6. Work from home taking surveys (cashsurveysonly.com), reading emails, clicking adverts, typing
  7. Online Critic; brand yourself by criticizing celebrities, films, corporate bodies and government/policies online- social media, social community websites/forums
COMPUTER/IT JOBS (Consultants/Nerds/Gurus/Employees)
  1. Web designers, Webmasters
  2. Programmers, App developers
  3. Professional hackers, Web security/forensic experts
  4. Corporate Social Media Consultants, Internet Personal Assistants to Politicians/celebrities
  5. Domainers and website flippers/sellers
Others (not yet fully developed)
  1. Auctioning on Ebay
  2. Organ donation, Medical tourism, Crowdfunding
  3. Start/join an online NGO, Foundation, or Charity Organisation. Or you can volunteer to join and help them raise funds for election campaigns, worthy causes, etc. Not really a money making method per se. Used to rev up your profile/CV in order to make it marketable.


      Ok, that is roughly 44 even though I said 40. There are may be even more, or less. But my desire for Nigerians is to be self reliant and not place their hope of becoming wealthy millionaires or billionaires on corruption, going into politics because of embezzlement or political jobbing.

     Apart from the Fradulent methods which I will talk about in one article, I will treat one method per article, maybe in 40 weeks or more, or less. Please join me.

     I will also not neglect offline ways of making money/multiple streams of income in Nigeria such as: 
     going for game shows and reality TV shows such as Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, Project fame, Gulder Ultimate Search, etc; 
      starting your own company; 
     starting a consultancy firm or advertising agency; 
      patenting your ideas; 
      pitching or selling your ideas to moneybags, 
      becoming a celebrity; 
    composing songs for money and selling them to celebrities, politicians, foundations and charities (if you are a songwriter like me); 
      getting 'free' professional certificates and degrees that will help you accelerate your career and many more.
      In short, there are too many ways to make money in Nigeria. And I bet you this is going to be fun. 

Don't forget that I am not making money in ALL these ways oh. The ones I have tried I have shared and the ones I am still trying, I will let you know. But I am giving you all these free because I want you to be successful in a way that will enable you sleep soundly at night without being afraid of EFCC, but more importantly, with God being proud of, and happy with you.

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