13 Nov 2014

Why You Are Poor And Will Remain So Unless....


...you change your spending mindset.

I used to save and invest because I wanted to have more money to buy more things, luxuries, and so on. But I soon discovered that that is one of the reason why I was not rich. That was why I was as poor as a penniless church mouse. lol

Many Nigerians want to show off that they are rich so they acquire material possessions to show people that they are rich. they buy a car with all their savings (or worse, on loan). They shop in expensive places, buying expensive things when there are cheaper alternatives that are just ok for them.

But truly rich people don't buy things to show off, they buy things because they are rich.

Okay, listen to this.


Accept that fact. Don't struggle with it. Don't force it. Don't try to be like it. Only strive to attain that mindset, and you will see the natural manifestation/result in your lifestyle.

You are either rich, or you are not! Don't spend to show off. Nobody cares, anyway.

Spending 'like' a rich person does not mean you are rich, neither does it make you rich. It only leaves you poorer.

Spend because you need that thing. Buy it because you really, really, really really, NEED it!!!

Rich people don't go about buying things simply because they have cash and can afford it. They buy things because they either need it, or it will make more money for them.

So this is the acid test: WILL THIS THING I WANT TO BUY MAKE MORE MONEY FOR ME (increase my VALUE monetarily, spiritually and mentally) OR JUST MAKE ME SPEND MORE (literally now, and then in the future)?

If you can use that acid test whenever you are tempted to buy something, and you have doubts as to the significance of that thing in your life, it will help you spend less on unnecessary things.

So if you are struggling with your spending habits, it is because you have not changed your mindset. Behind every habit- good or bad, is a mindset.

Don't spend because you want to convince yourself or tell others that you are rich. Don't make money simply because you want more cash to spend fast, spend now, either. All that will only leave you poorER.

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