18 Dec 2014

My Review Of The Binary App 810: How I Turned $510 Into $4000 in 1 Week


In the article 'Summaring the lessons I have learnt in Forex', I told you about the Binary App 810, and John 'the insider' Callaghan. I also posted a youtube video there for you. Today, I will give my honest review of the app.

Some friends have contacted me that they want to make money from trading binary options. Please read my articles on trading online very well, especially the one on having 100% discipline. I have made money and lost money trading online for 8 years now, and I believe I have earned the right to guide, even if I can't lead you, in this.

You can make money trading binary options, but you have too be extremely patient (in fact more patient than a Forex trader), and you have to be able to follow instructions.

Of course you need a guide/mentor, and that is why I am here. I have lost so much money trading online, and most of that was because I didn't have anyone to guide or mentor me. I virtually was doing trial and error for most of that time until I learnt the right strategy. But I don't want that to happen to anyone, and that is why I started this blog.

[I already told you that my major blog is not sijinius,com, but credicoins.com, I only opened this one as a precursor and interim to the vision.]

Reviewing Binary App 810
I already promised you I was going to do this, so here it is....

See below 2 screenshots of the home page of the binary app 810 account I used to test the software

and this one:

If you are a very observant fellow, you will notice a major difference especially in the balance.
When you start to use the free app, you will understand better -my profits was increasing, but my balance was reducing, yet it wasn't because I was withdrawing it.

Let me tell you the story so you will better appreciate that difference.

I stumbled unto Binary app 810 through Roy Tribble on Friday, 28th of November. He is a binary options expert who also has his own super signal software (which has made him about $240,000 in 5 months). He and many others recommend Binary app 810 as the most accurate software/signal on binary option presently in the world (-there are more than 500). Every review I saw put the app's accuracy at 89%, meaning that if you enter 100 trades, you will get 89 of them correct. Or better, at least 8 out of 10 trades will be correct.

I started using the app on Wednesday, 3rd of December around 2pm, with a broker whose name starts with B. Their condition for opening an account says that you should forward to them within 24 hours of opening the account the following documents - ID, Utility Bill, the picture of your credit/debit card (front and back) and a Deposit Confirmation Form with your signature on it.

Within 3 hours of using the app, I had already tripled my money (app's accuracy was 90% -9 out of 10 trades were correct).

But unfortunately, I got lost in the euphoria as I began entering every single signal that had my broker's name on it sometimes entering with $100 two times (lack of discipline), not knowing that some of them where to expire in TWO DAYS time (and Non Farm Payrolls was to come out before then). In short, I disobeyed the 100% discipline rule. In fact, I went to make trades on my own on the broker's platform (against what the app owner advises).

To cut the long story short, the broker suspended my account within 3 hours, saying they will not lift the suspension unless I forward all those documents to them. It was then I now said let me count my gains, only to discover that while my profits where up -above $1500, my balance was showing $82 -I HAD USED UP/LOCKED IN ALL MY MONEY (both capital and profits) and I couldn't withdraw.

By the time I sent the required documents, the broker still didn't lift the suspension until 24 hours after. Immediately I entered after the suspension was lifted, the app's accuracy suddenly reduced as I lost 3 out of 5 trades. It only got worse as I had 4 straight losses the following day. And of course, after NFP, my losses increased.

I used the app again on Monday December 8, but the accuracy wasn't like on Wed -about 65%). So I gave up.

Though, John (and Roy too) advise using at least two brokers with the app, I tested it with only one. Further, after the app's accuracy reduced I mailed support@insiderjohn.com especially when I had 4 losses in a row, but got no response (maybe because I am only being given a free trial). But I don't want to imagine that I will pay $5000 for an app, and there will be no support.

Lessons from using binary app 810
  1. Start with at least two brokers. If you have $500, divide it into two and use $25 per trade.
  2. Make sure you send all required documents to them immediately, so that no one will suspend your account with a flimsy excuse.
  3. In all honesty, I didn't obey the app's guidelines 100%, but even at that, I must confess that it's accuracy reduced drastically within the 3 days I used it (before I gave up on it of course). It was 90% on Day 1, 50% on Day 2, And about 65% on Day 3. i.e ENTERING EVERY SINGLE TRADE -NOT THE 4 RECOMMENDED BY JOHN. So beware of entering every single trade.
  4. The app is the best SHORT TERM BINARY OPTIONS APP, I hear. DO NOT ENTER ANY TRADE LASTING MORE THAN 12 HOURS. I learnt this the hard way. Always look at the expiry date and time before entering. Don't get lost in the euphoria of making so much money in 1 day that you begin entering everything, like me.
  5. As I always say, you have no business making money in something you are not willing to learn everything about. If you want to make money trading binary options  (even if with Binary App 810, or Roy Tribbles's Super Signal System, or you want to use BINARY EXPERT COPY), make sure you read everything you can about binary options/Forex and be able to trade yourself too, just in case.
  6. Plan to withdraw your capital as fast as possible.
  7. Have a strategy before you start, including for good money management, and don't deviate from it. Also, have a long term perspective, it is always better as it takes pressure off you/your account, and your trading.
  8. You can be successful with it if you follow his principles 100%. 

So that is it. Good luck using it, and let me know if you withdraw over and over from it.
Please don't forget that if you want to make money consistently from binary options, be ready to become an expert at it.

Let's continue our series on making money online....

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