6 Jan 2015

Introduction To Internet Marketing: Converting Traffic To Profit


Hi, thanks for continuing with me on this journey through the different ways of making money online. Like I have said over and again, I am a newbie in most of the areas, i.e. I am not making money in ALL of the areas -how can I?

But I have tried my hands on a couple of these methods over the years (and also during the course of this research). I am experienced in Forex trading, a bludgeoning blogger and quickly learning about many others in order to maximize the opportunities the internet affords. And don’t forget that all this is geared towards my dream project –credicoinsnetwork.com. So if you have only just stumbled upon this site for the first time, you are most welcome to join my small party. Lol. Thanks. Let’s continue then.

Internet Marketing Section

Any Chief Executive Officer or Executive director will quickly tell you that marketing drives sales, and an effective marketing program can sell even a bad product. Whereas no matter how good your product is,  no matter the amount you have spent on R&D, if you do not back all that up and drive it by a good marketing plan, you will lose money in the long haul.

Everyone who wants to make money online needs to effectively market themselves or their product/website- be they a Fortune 500 company, a blogger, or a school looking for students. Whoever you are, if you will achieve success online, you must learn marketing –internet marketing.
From the table of contents, I intend introducing you to websites, companies and experienced internet marketers in the following areas:
·         Affiliate marketing: Selling for others, simply for the commission
·         Network or Multi-level Marketing: selling/partnering with others, very similar to affiliate marketing except that with a good MLM, you can eventually become a partner in the business.
·         Social media Marketing, email marketing: selling to and through others simply because of your online relationship with them
·         Classified adverts/personal brand marketing: selling yourself as a brand, hiring yourself as your own marketer
·         Information marketing: simply selling words with words, and this includes content marketing.

While I won’t bore you with the marketing textbook stuff I learnt from my NIM class, you need to know that; Marketing is simply putting the right product/service in the right place, at the right price, at the right time. 

Marketing is the way companies interact with consumers to create relationships that are beneficial to both parties. Businesses use marketing to identify their audience before advertising to them.

The American Marketing Association defines Marketing as the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, client, partners, and society at large.

Marketing mix is primarily these 4Ps –Product, Price, Promotion and Place, though some authorities include these other 5Ps- People, Process, Physical Evidence, Packaging and Payment.

In the internet marketing world, you will hear such terms as SEO (search engine optimization), backlinks, mass mailers, do-follow, no-follow, followers, and many more. I tell people who don’t understand how people make more online with websites that making money online is all about traffic. Imagine that you have a shop on a very busy street and you can get 1 million people to come into that shop every day. Of course, the probability that you will make money from sales is higher when you have 1 million people come in and out of your shop daily than if only 100 people come in everyday.
Internet marketing simply is the different methods employed to generate more traffic, clicks and sales. And there are so many self acclaimed online marketing gurus and internet marketing experts now that it is hard to say there is one major person or company who is the best at internet marketing. What you find readily are specialists in the different aspects of online marketing. Foremost names include 
  • Ken Mccarthy (one of the founding fathers of internet marketing), 
  • Seth Godin, founder of Squidoo, and former Yahoo! vice president in charge of marketing.
  • Ben Settle (email marketing), 
  • Brian Clarke of Copyblogger (one of the best internet marketing companies out there), 
  • Belle Beth Cooper of Buffer (one of the best social media marketers), 
  • Rand Fishkin of Moz (SEO specialist), 
  • Michael Hyatt (self-development and blog marketing tips), 
  • Neil Patel, of Quicksprout, the creator of the ‘Hello bar’, top internet marketer for large websites/companies such as Tech crunch, and many others, 
  • Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land and Marketing land, and many others.
Others include John Chow (blog marketing guru) and Jeff Walker (Internet marketing guru and author of bestselling book "Launch; An Internet's Millionaire's Secret Formula To Sell Almost Anything Online, Build A Business You Love, And Live The Life Of Your Dreams"). 

Pardon me for leaving out John Reese of Income.com, johnreese.net and marketingsecrets.com. He is a leading internet marketer who has been in the industry since the early 90s. You can also check out the fan website john-reese.net.

Please check their websites up. 

The top internet marketing forums include Warrior forum, Digitalpoint, Wickedfire, and many others.

I will also try to include the websites or contacts of top Nigerian internet marketers in every subsection. It should be a very pleasurable journey. Please join me. Thank you.


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