18 Mar 2016

To Be Very Rich Is A Lot Of Hardwork...Just Make Sure It Is Work You Enjoy!


There is nothing as sweet as getting paid to do what you would have gladly done for free. Playing football is hardwork, but Messi seems to be enjoying it. Playing good Tennis is also hardwork, but Serena Williams don't care. I am sure programming, and managing software engineers is also not easy, but Facebook's billionaire- Mark Zuckerberg ain't complaining.

However, do not be deceived the rich are a very hardworking class. In actual fact, mostly more hardworking than every other class. And that is why I get angry at African (/Yoruba proverbs and) songs that say things like "I want to get easy money without sweat", or "If hardwork was what made people rich, the laborer in the market would be a millionaire", etc.

The average business mogul is a very hard working entrepreneur that has to delicately balance so many parts of his life and business- personal finance, government policies, pressing litigation (in some cases), taxes, employees welfare and motivation, revenue and profit, etc- as well as (keeping) his family, without tipping the scale over.

Moreover, the main work of the rich lies in being able to think, effectively. The lower class often deride the rich as 'doing nothing yet making all the money', but that mentality is what keeps them poor.

When you have so many 'interests to take care of', you are said to be rich. You have become interesting, yourself. In Jay Z's words: "I am not a businessman, I am a business Man!

Some concrete examples
1) Donald Trump: You can inherit millions and turn it into billions!
The rich are a very ambitious lot. Take Donald Trump, the Republican presidential front-runner, for example. When Trump's dad died, he bequeathed $40 million to each of his children. Trump successfully grew his into billions investing in real estate, reality TV shows, golf courses, etc.

Truth is that Trump got a headstart many will never get, but when you see others who also inherited millions but are very poor today having squandered their inheritance, you will appreciate what Donald has done.



2) Michael Jordan: You can make money while playing, and more after playing!
He is known as the first black billionaire athlete and 90% of his income comes from his ownership stake in the "Charlotte Hornets". His stake, however, is worth around $500 million. As per Forbes, Jordan has a net worth of $1.1 billion, in which he earned $93 million with his basketball career. And is estimated to be worth about $4.5 billion in the next 4 years.

This guy was born to play basketball. And held the Guinness world record for the longest walk in air (under gravity)- 3secs.

3) George Lucas: Don't sell your idea cheap!
George Lucas was told in 1971 by Fox Studio executives that his idea/concept for the Stars Wars movie -a "western set in space"- was not going to be a success. However against all odds, in 2012, after 6 different Star Wars film-franchise, an Indiana Jones film-franchise, numerous toys and branding deals, he sold Lucasfilms to Walt Disney company for $4 billion.

Definitely not bad for the passionate race driver wannabe who almost died racing cars before turning film director.


The Government, and all Nature and also God, help the rich become richer
Rich entrepreneurs do the society and the world at large a whole lot of good. And this is why all nature, governments and even God help them. Stop hating on the rich, unless you don't want to be one yourself.

I tell people that entrepreneurs/entrepreneurship built USA. If not for Hollywood and the entertainment industry, Inventors like Ben Franklin, Tesla and Edison, Outliers like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and many others, America won't be a world power today.

The only way to become a great (wealthy) nation is by supporting entrepreneurs and great thinkers. And smart governments all over the world ALWAYS do that!

And when your government supports you, God is already behind you. (lol, do you still need to fast for 40 days?!)

So instead of lobbying, or praying too hard, simply get busy doing something worth starting. Become very good at it, and the whole Earth will rise to support you.
And eventually, things will fall in place...for you!



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