20 Apr 2016

Personal Finance Expertise Comes From Real Deeds, Not (Just) Books, Classes Or Certificates


Phew! I must apologize for the long absence.

It is hard to do business in an economic recession
It is hard to do business in Nigeria without cash and light, and even when you have cash, you can't get fuel to power your generator. Again my laptop was down, and my new medical job did not afford me the opportunity to fix it on time. Even Credicoins has felt the bitter chill of the economic crunch.

You do not need to be anointed to be a personal finance advisor
There are more than 1000 personal finance blogs on the internet. And it does not take a certificate to become a personal finance blogger, neither does it take a special Church anointing to start blogging your personal finances.

It is easy to say things like "I want to be a Personal Finance Expert in 3 years", but I am fast discovering that, while you can read all the books and know all the theory, it takes a lifetime to PRACTICE. But ambition is good, irrespective.

You never really "get there"...it is a journey. We have to strive every day to be better at our finances. You have to strive every day to be a better person, daily.

Recently, because of some financial mistakes, I have heard friends say I should not blog personal finance topics anymore. I laugh.

My PERSONAL finance blogging is not for them, IT IS FOR ME!

I failed at money management. And in a bid to get it right, I came up with the bulk of the idea that has today become Credicoins...in order to help myself, and perhaps someone else too out there who has the same money issues as I.

You do not fail when you realise you have a challenge, or personal flaw and are trying hard to fix it. You fail when you do not know/accept that you are challenged and need to work on your character flaws in order to be a better person today, tomorrow and the day after.

Schooling ends, Learning never stops
We all go to school and eventually graduate, but we never, and should never, stop learning. If your learning stops at graduation from a school (be it high school, university, computer school,etc), you quickly become redundant.

And so it is with everything in life that we become excellent and versatile in, to the extent of being a respected voice in the field. But it is always better not to learn from our (bad) experiences, but from others' experiences. Even if we try and fail, we still can advise because we have experience (in failure) to help others become successful by avoiding our own pitfalls.

My learning is forever
I have stopped asking for cash on this blog. The only times I have asked that readers send me cash/donation on this blog was for shares in Credicoins and when Bobler was being treated for a jaw tumor (Thank you if you did donate, he is now better and doing great).

The forex and binary options investment trading deals I requested for back then was during my research for those, I have since stopped trading for others. And that is because...

My greatest trouble with money is when people throw their money at me
True! My greatest money problems have come -with me becoming greatly indebted- when people throw cash at me (even when I reject, object and try not to collect it at all costs)...than when I request it from them.

From when I first learnt about Forex in 2007 during the "Wonder bank era", and more recently last year. I am still learning how to say NO! ...to cash (when I do not need it). lol

That is all for now. I promise not to leave for so long again. I will be more proactive in scheduling blog posts.
Credicoins is almost through with MVP development. I will definitely let you know when we launch.

Thanks for believing in me. But more importantly, thank you for taking personal charge and responsibility for your PERSONAL finance. It is the foundation for all other successes in (your) life.


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