30 May 2016

I Didn't Want To Get Married Until I Became A Forex Millionaire, But Now....


Phew! Siji the genius...
So I finally arrive here, but without the millions.

I am a very proud and intelligent person, and always wanted to prove a point. But now, I have come to realise all that is pointless!

I have always been ambitious- and that is a very good trait. From very early in life I set out to achieve a lot in and with my life. The struggle has always been between what I want to do/achieve, and what God wants for me -and the intersection between them. I have always had a lot of ideas but not the time or money (excuses!!!) to actualise them.

I had no cash, but a rich dad -unfortunately, he was only willing then to support my medical education.

Many people still do not know why I became a forex trader or tried/needed to make millions...it was because of my many aspirations and ideas.
So I wanted to:

1. Get married before or by the age my dad did -28 years.
Every boy looks up to his dad, and desires to at least meet, if you cannot surpass, his dad's 'achievements'. I am no exception. But the Nigeria of my dad's days is so different from this present one. lol

2.As a 'current affairs' and trivia buff, I wanted to get to the hotseat of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and win N10 million. Not only WWTBAM actually, but also win some other TV game shows (-at the turn of the millennium, my first time on TV was on NTA Ibadan's "Fastest and Best" but I did not reach the finals).

3. Build a company and buy my house/car, and other assets through it
Truly rich people do not buy assets in their name but through a registered company, or their trust/foundation. You should also aim to reduce personal liability as much as possible- hold assets in trust or by corporations. Create a family crest/coat of Arms, and 'behave' (like the) rich! lol


4. Be a 'genius' (or better, polymath) who knows about/can do so many things proficiently. The problem with this/polymaths is that many times, they are not recognised for any ONE thing- no matter how good or great they are at the 'so many different things'!

5. Graduate as a medical doctor. ACHIEVED

6. Publish my two manuscripts (which includes my inspirational poems anthology), and release my musical album.

And I wanted to do all these by latest 30 years of age.

So, you can say that, by my standard/criteria, I have failed.

Back to desire #1 above...
My pastor said of our 7 years of courtship- "You have turned courtship into an institution!"

So finally, I break the jinx and get engaged to this lovely, beautiful, down-to-earth, vivacious, industrious and intelligent young lady... but without the $1 million dollars I was hoping to first make trading forex. You can say I have given up and you won't be wrong (or, right *winks*). 

But one thing is certain- I AM MOVING FORWARD!

Sijinius is moving forward. Credicoins Network Limited too is moving forward. The world will be a better place for us all.
Thanks for reading.


By the side:
7 Hard Lessons I have learnt from not achieving my $1 million dollars target trading Forex

1. If God gives you a dream, follow his plan too! [The dream was to take $1 to $1 million. The best I achieved was $1 to over $250.]

2. If you need to 'withdraw this week to be able to feed/pay your debt next week', QUIT TRADING IMMEDIATELY! You will not only put pressure on your account, you are also more likely to lose your capital. First go and find a regular job and continue demo trading, in order to let your (live) trading be stress-free (if you must trade at all)!

3.If you have not mastered a strategy over at least 6 months with your OWN money, you have no business collecting another's money to trade for them.
As with other businesses -Start small, hone your skill and master your strategy first before aiming for the big kill.

N.B: Sincere and seasoned entrepreneurs only raise money to scale a (already proven) SUCCESSFUL business- not to live large or prove a point.

4. Building a good robot still requires you having a proven successful strategy that can be replicated. Remember GIGO- garbage in, garbage out!

5. Trading reveals to you who you (truly) are as a business person. We are all fearful and greedy, but some are more greedy than fearful. lol

6. To be successful in trading, treat it as you would a brick-and-mortar business:
Write out your business goals, and maintain weekly targets.
Have a well laid out and written plan/strategy.
Review regularly your strategy, and make necessary changes.
Keep a daily/weekly diary to know if you are meeting (or 'overachieving') your goals, or not.

If you fail at year end, it was because you failed daily/weekly. And if succeed at all, it will also be because you succeeded on a daily basis.

7. Never forget this- TRADING CAN EITHER BE GAMBLING, OR INVESTING.... Following these guidelines, or not, is the thin distinguishing line.

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