4 Jul 2016

How Buying The Hotseat Blueprint Also Helped Lowo Win 5 million On The Hot Seat


Last time I talked about my new friend, Laolu Adeniran, who won millions on the hot seat, and has written a terrific ebook-, The Hotseat Blueprint, on how you or anyone else can get to the hotseat in the most effortless least costly way possible. This post is to buttress the fact of how the Hotseat Blueprint helped Lowo Olatokun who bought  Laolu's book and went on to win millions on the famous hot seat.

So here’s the gist…

With exactly the same hot seat ambition like you wanting to get on the hot seat, Lowo Olatokun got to work on his dreams although Lowo is kind of different. You see, Lowo wasn't just content with getting the insightful but limited freebies he could get on the internet- no! Lowo went the extra edge of calling Laolu up early October 2014. Want to know what he wanted?

Well Lowo said while he had gone through all the good freebies he could find, including on Laolu’s website, and had been very impressed by all he had learnt on how to win big on the hot seat. However, he knew if he really wanted to get on the hot seat and win big, he needed to know all the important exclusive secrets in the Hotseat Blueprint ebook so as to get the full undiluted practical experience, from someone like Laolu, who had been on the fabled hot seat and won millions.

So, Lowo, as a sharp guy, ordered the Hotseat Blueprint Package same day and got to work learning all the critical info in the newly bought package. Thanks to buying the Hotseat Blueprint Package, Lowo got to achieve his dream of getting to the hot seat on TV. Thanks to his belief, his enthusiasm and his quest to know everything possible to get to the hot seat and win big including buying Laolu’s Hotseat Blueprint ebook.

Lowo saw the ₦ 10,000,000 question on what animal does a mahout take care of but unfortunately he couldn't get the answer. But the cool part is he was able to walk away from the hot seat with a cool ₦5,000,000 from the hot seat.

You know you can buy an acre of land in some areas with that amount, go on a long-desired vacation, kick-start your business, get a cool ride or just invest into someone's brilliant idea in this age of tech start-ups. Point is, with that kind of money, you can do a whole lot more than you are currently doing.

Poor Laolu won only ₦2,000,000 on the hot seat much earlier, but thanks to his ebook, he helped Lowo win ₦5,000,000- cool right? So how much do you want to win on the hot seat- ₦ 250,000, ₦500,000, ₦1,000,000 like Sijinius, ₦2,000,000 like Laolu , ₦5,000,000 like Lowo or even the ultimate prize of ₦10,000,000 (like Aroma)- Laolu’s Hotseat Blueprint can definitely help you get there fast and cheap without you needing to break a bank to get it done.

The choice is yours as Laolu’s Hotseat Blueprint ebook goes for only ₦999.99 and you can get it online right where you are seating via GTBank’s SME market hub right here.

Here’s Lowo’s take on Laolu’s Hotseat Blueprint ebook in his own words:
Laolu's ebook served as the most useful tool in my journey to the hot seat. I sourced for a lot of information before my game day and found Laolu's work. It was stellar. The insights are honest, the practice questions an excellent dry run and the advice on life after the game a brilliant piece based on practical hindsight. I recommend this work to anyone who seeks the hot seat's top money prize. Godspeed to all potential contestants!
 -Lowo Olatokun {₦ 5,000,000 Winner on the hot seat; episode aired 30th of November, 2014}

The clip of Lowo’s time on the hot seat is here:

And it’s not only Lowo, Laolu’s ebook has helped get to the hot seat, just that I can’t bore you with every single person Laolu has helped get to his hot seat through his Hotseat Blueprint ebook- Laolu’s a decent chap but can’t make the blog all about his ebook now- can I?

Just to give you an inkling, this is a most recent buyer’s review;

‘’I finished the Hotseat Blueprint ebook this morning by 4am, learnt so much SECRET info, I can now pursue the hotseat confident of a solid path to get to the hot seat and make my dream come true. Thanks so much Laolu. I’ll definitely keep you posted”
   - John Odeleye

Again, Laolu’s Hotseat Blueprint can be gotten online for just ₦999.99, click here

The ball isn’t just in your court here; it is in your hands.

Still to come part 3: How Laolu played the role of Quizmaster to help the founder of an educational charity- Jumpstart Academy, Omotola Akinsola win a whooping ₦ 50,000,000 on ‘Who Deserves to be Surprised’ - a really interesting special edition of the ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’ Nigeria TV Show.


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