15 Jul 2016

Life Is Never Hard...Achieving And Maintaining Success In Life Is!


I recently paid about N800,000 ($2500) to rent and repair a 3 bed-room apartment in Lagos, after I was given a quit notice at my former place. Before then, my generator was stolen where I put it outside (that former place), followed by one of my phones also being stolen while the other got spoilt. CNL has not paid 11th-month salaries, and we are also late on other company expenses...not to talk of deadlines. In the midst of planning for a 'society wedding' (lol, I wish!), my mum goes to and returns from the United States with a gamut of psychological and financial issues.

Yet, I can make bold to say that "Life is not hard...!" And if anyone tells you life is hard, they lie, or are simply ignorant. But do not let anyone decieve you saying that it is easy to make it. While it might have become easy for them having done the "hard things" over and again till it became second nature, or have certain things fall in place for them by providence, we all have to accept the work involved in attaining success- AND DO IT TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL.

No, life is not hard! The hard part is in trying to achieve success with the very cards life has dealt you.

Everyone has problems

Truth is that everyone has their problems but we are deceived to think life is hard for us ALONE. And instead of facing it headlong, we would rather follow the crowd and:

become homeless;

abandon wife and/or children;

blame the government;

go abroad (to escape the 'Nigerian rot'), and never come back;

commit suicide;

steal/become a robber;

Or like the Ostrich, 'bury our head in sand' when faced with danger, in order to be safe. 


We would rather do what the crowd will do except the right thing- FIGHT BACK!

No one is immune to life's hardship. Ask Bill Gates, and Zuckerberg, and Dangote, and even the queen of England- they all have their fair share of life's troubles. It might be money, it might not be- but do not be amazed that the rich too have money problems. I insist that life is not hard, the hard thing is in learning not to give in/let go, in the face of obstacles, in order to stand out and excel. 

ONE MORE is all about persistence.

There are many today who have taken the easy road. The easy way out is so easy, is that not why many are on it? No one lies to struggle, yet we all have to hustle to achieve purpose and even eat (no thanks to Adam and Eve sha. lol)!

The gain is in (successfully living with and harnessing) the pain

-As Rudyard Kipling told us in his epic IF poem, true greatness lies in how gracefully we handle pain and harness it for our gain.

-Medical science has shown us that babies delivered vaginally are better able to handle respiratory distress problems and some other neonatal challenges better than those who were brought out via C/S.

-Our muscles grow bigger and stronger only when we use them -or exercise strenuously. And regardless of Lamarck's theory of soft inheritance, you will not genetically acquire brawns from your father- ask Arnold Schwarzenegger's son Joseph.

I found inspiration in reading

If you are discouraged, do not speak with anyone -just read. Find some good book to read, even if it is one you have read before, read it again.

So I picked up the book "The start-up entrepreneur" by James R. Cook, and found some inspiration and encouragement.


It took ONE (straw) to break the camel's back
One just has to keep up and show up till success arrives. JUST DO IT ONE MORE TIME- write one more blog post, write one more song, write one more book, read one more time, help one more person, give one more time, open your business doors one more day...for it only takes 'one' to be rich. Or have you not noticed that it is the LAST straw that broke the camel's back? lol.

No one fails until they give up. And even some former bankrupt companies/individuals like Heinz, Walt Disney, Charles Dickens, etc, still found a way to stage a come back.

[N.B: Sometimes, one needs to go bankrupt to learn and bounce back (having learnt and/or dropped one's pride.)

Some quotes from the book, on quitting:

"Starting a new business can be a painful experience. The greater your goal, the more severe your suffering. It will take more than this one book to keep you from quitting."

"Napoleon Hill's dictum, "Every person who wins in any undertaking must be willing to...cut all sources of retreat. Only by so doing can one be sure of maintaining that state of mind known as a burning desire to win, essential to success.""

"Within all of us are wells of thought and dynamos of energy which are not suspected until emergencies arise. Then often times we find that it is comparatively simple to double or treble our former capacities and to amaze ourselves by the results achieved. - Thomas J. Watson. IBM."]

In other news;

I have decided to help our sportsbetting-crazy security guards become businessmen, not gamblers
When you see your 'mai guard' (Hausa word for Securitywatch Man) play Nairabet week in week out, with near misses, and you have an idea why and what they are doing wrong/need to do right, you can't but help.

He accumulated 27 games this last weekend with N150 to return N175,000, only to have one game (yeah, you heard me right) JUST ONE GAME- spoil the ticket, you feel pity for him. And he tells me that some others have given up having played for more than 2 years without winning at all! I told them of how pro-bettors like Billy Walters (who has never had a losing year in 35 years) make money. People like Frank Belanger use systems that work long term, even in virtual sports.

Michael Carroll squandered £10 million

Funny thing is that he told me of a successful guard like him who won N2 million (about $6200), and then resigned his security job there in Lekki, only to exhaust his winnings and return to the very same maiguard job. I laughed and told him that he was not the first. Michael Carroll also did the same with his £10 million winnings, and returned to pushing dustbins after only 6 years.

Like I once told some friends, sports betting gives people hope oh...at least in Nigeria!!! 

I made some money as a Nairabet affiliate marketer
Following my discussion with the 'mai guard' on sportsbetting, I logged into my Nairabet affiliate account this week after more than 2 years (I had opened it when I was researching on my series 40 different ways to make money: Sportsbetting). In fact, I had forgotten about it.

I was surprised to discover that at least two people had signed up using my link (I honestly do not know in which blog post I put the link sef) and someone had deposited over N100,000, about 88 times. But from what I read, I won't make any money if they actually make money, i.e if Nairabet loses money. But that is ok by me...especially if my affiliate downline is someone like Prof Ighalo who won N58 million with only N800 tickets.


[DISCLAIMER: Sportsbetting is not for everyone. However, there are other ways of making money online.]

I hope I did not bore you with my life adventures. lol. 
They are some of the reasons why I have not been consistent here. Too many Nigerian startup challenges, chief of which is light/PHCN. Once I move into my new apartment with a new generator and inverter, I should be more consistent.

Keep keeping on...E Go Better! And do not give up on Nigeria, or whatever your own country is.



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