9 Aug 2020




In 2009, just coming out of a 3-day dry fast and my (maternal side of the) family's annual Easter retreat, I turned $1 into over $250 in about a month, trading FOREX from a cyber cafe opposite my teaching hospital in Sagamu.
I was in 400L medical school.

I have since documented the feat in this blog post- I TURNED $1 INTO OVER $250 IN 5 WEEKS

While I have not being able to repeat that exact feat -250,000% ROI in 5 weeks- because of personal lack of discipline (*see my 3 FOREX instructions at the end), the principles the Holy Spirit taught me about EXPONENTIAL GROWTH never left me:


1. God ALWAYS starts small...ALWAYS.

2. You must know what you are doing, and be able to successfully repeat it and/or explain it to even a 6-year old.

Or else, you are a gambler.

3. Impatience or greed is not a characteristic of God.
Let "something beyond profits/money" drive your patience and long-term thinking in business- a Dream/Vision/Passion/Painful Past,etc.

[God is not a capitalist, but even at that, you capitalists cannot maximise returns as he does.]

4. You must think as if "existing in eternity" (i.e having all the time in the world) when starting a business/investing for the long-term.
Your profits might come early or never, but some higher purpose should guide your actions and passion- not the need to show off, previous business losses, or other expenses/bills piling up on your head...which makes people impatient/greedy.

Invest/Start a business to enjoy & free yourself- not to enslave or kill yourself! Know the difference.

[Note: However, God never loses in the long run. He has never ended up with net losses in his investments- If one angel falls, he has other angels to make up; if some humans reject him & end up in Hell, others will accept him & be with him in Heaven.]

5. If God commands it, he will not share his glory with man/you. Obey him 100%!
And he will not endorse your own strategies, technologies and obstinate decisions- only his!!

[Take Note: 
material success or miracles or "children" is NOT proof that God is (still) with you!!!

If you personally decide to start a business/denomination/polygamous family/etc, in your own fallen mindset and ways, -or maybe it was God who commanded you to start the business or gave you the vision originally, but you now started doing things your way- going one more step in the wrong direction will not make it right. With God, you MUST turn back. God does not support what he never commanded in the first place- though he might ''play along'' and use your disobedience to fulfil his overall Will at the end. You MUST start afresh, to walk with him, or else he might replace you with someone else.]

There is no middle-ground with God. You either obey him, or not. You are either with him, or you are not. Your success is either from him, or not.
Don't be deceived.

[*My 3 FOREX instructions are simple, but apparently my lack of discipline in the last 10 years has left me stuck in a rot;

1. Start small with an amount you can easily afford to lose again and again.
(FINANCIAL DISCIPLINE- If you read my blog post above,...that is what I was doing over and again with $1 in 2009, while in Medical school.)

2. Trade only 1 order at a time, no matter what.
(PERSONAL DISCIPLINE- This has been the hardest instruction for me to follow, due to my greed & lack of seriousness/playfulness with trading. When I followed it strictly in 2009, I turned $1 into over $250, having withdrawn multiple times along the way. I never had more than 1 trade open at any time in those 5 weeks, trading from a cybercafe.)

3. Enter only when you are 100% sure of the trade, then stick to that trade till "Take Profit"!
(SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINE- I was told to assume I am risking $1 million for EVERY SINGLE trade. In other words, ''If you have any iota doubt whatsoever, Siji don't enter...wait patiently for the best opportunity''. Simply listen to the still small voice in you for confirmatory go-ahead. If you never get a good opportunity/go-ahead from the Holy Spirit for 3 months, then don't trade for those 3 months.)

Three (3) seemingly simple instructions, yet I have not turned $1 into $1million since 2008. Of course, it is easier said than done! I hope you do better than I in obeying his business instructions to you. All the best!]




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