All information given on this site is simply for informational and entertainment purposes only and do not constitute professional financial advice on which to base your financial decisions. If you need professional financial advice, please contact a professional financial adviser.

The methods for making money written about on this blog are methods that are being used by many to make money online as we speak. But this is no guarantee that it will work for you.
The different methods apply to different personalities and have their pros and cons, so consider that very well before you try any of them.
I do not make any guarantee on any of the methods. I have written this simply to inform you, so that you may make an informed decision when deciding to try out any of the methods listed.
I advise that you don’t start two at the same time.
Start with one…just one! If that one works for you, try to make money from it consistently.
When you have made money consistently with one, then you can choose to move on to, or simply dump it for, another one!

Thank you.

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