30 Sept 2014

8 practical tips to winning N10 million on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire®


Today (September 30th) marks exactly 2 years that I won N1 million on national TV on the popular TV show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire®. I have never shared my tips on reaching the hotseat ever since, but now here it is.


The truth is that you can win N10 million like Aroma, the only Nigerian to have won the ultimate prize (his show aired Sept, 2010). So my tips are:

(A)   Before you get to the studio

1.       Be an information/trivia/current affairs buff.
There is no shortcut to this one, and it is the most important tip of all. It isn’t about reading the whole encyclopedia Britannica, or daily reading Wikipedia (though if you can do that, that will be a plus). It is about DAILY following the news! For example, Joan Rivers just passed away- who was she? What was she famous for? How old was she when she died? Once you read about her now, you don’t need to read about her again, just recall what you’ve read when you need it. Jay-z and Beyonce have a daughter, what’s her name? And so on…. That is what is called ‘Trivia’. As you begin to daily take extra note of information flying around you, you develop your infobank or information reserve for the day of reckoning.
Anyway, websites such as funtrivia.com and many others can help you develop your trivia-base.

2.       Watch and follow the show.
So many play in order to be on the show, but don’t even know that the show isn’t recorded live, or every weekend. Ultima (studios) Ltd (who also run the popular ProjectFame) don’t record WWTBAM every weekend. They have particular recording schedules which you can only know if you follow the show. Watch the show and follow them on social media. Get their contact phone numbers, and never hesitate to contact them if you have any unanswered question. You will be surprised that you can win prizes or even be called to be on the show simply because you follow the show. I had at least 5 different contact numbers including their customer care lines. My close friends knew it was only a matter of time before I got to the hotseat because of my passion for the show. I even went for their audience play where I practiced towards Fastest Finger First (FFF) by winning the audience play.

3.       Set a budget for dialing.
For me, I never dialed 232 more than 10 times at a stretch, which was a maximum of N2000. But I ensured I got every question asked after I dialled. I met a fellow contestant at the studio who spent at least N15, 000 once before he was called. I must confess that all the money I ever spent to dial before I was called never amounted to N15, 000. And most times, it was after I won audience play. Try to keep it under N4, 000 maximum at any point in time.

4.       You must know numbers.
If you dialed 232 enough times, getting almost all the answers right, you will be called by a staff of Ultima without prior notice one faithful day, and you will be given 20 seconds to answer a random question.
The answer to that question is almost always a number e.g. How old will Obama be on his next birthday? How old was America on July 4, 2014? When did Ghana become independent? This is so that there is a precise, undisputable answer. If you and many other people get the answer wrong, say in the last question above you said 1958 instead of 1957, whereas most answers given was 1960, then you still stand a very high chance of being called to the studio to play for the hotseat (simply because you fall within the acceptable standard deviation). If you got the answer right, start reading because they will surely get back to you!

In my case, I was asked "In what year was the N1000 note released?" I took my time, and said 2005 and I was correct (this was in 2012). I remembered because I was given my first N1000 note the year I crossed into medicine, which was around the time Liverpool won the dramatic Champions league final which was also the year the pope died. (I find it easier to remember things/events when I link them to other events.)

(B)   When you get to the studio

5.       If you make it to the FFF stage…
Like I said in #4 above, if you give the correct answer to the question asked, you will be contacted again by Ultima studios to come and play for the hotseat on FFF.
You will be required to come with a means of identification, a change of clothes and a family member/friend who will seat behind you in the studio should you get to the hotseat. If you don’t live within and around Lagos, your transportation and accommodation will be catered for.
At FFF, stay calm and concentrate on getting the correct order first before you attempt to  punch the touchscreen, to be the fastest- what’s the use of being the fastest wrong contestant?!
For example, arrange this in alphabetical order A) Boy  B) Cat  C)Dog  D) Apple. The obvious answer is DABC, but if you type before arranging, you will end up with ABCD.

6.       On the hotseat, remember Frank is your 4th lifeline, but don’t cheat.
What is the essence of winning N10 million only to be disgraced on national TV. An army major did so in the UK version and was caught. You may plan to outsmart them, you may plan to maximize your lifelines, but do not cheat. Remember, Frank is your 4th LIFELINE. Those who follow the show know that once Frank takes a liking to you, he will do his utmost to help you especially to get to (question 10) the 2nd guaranteed level. Use him wisely.

7.       To win N10 million, don’t be a doctor, professor, lawyer, etc.
I tell people that the show is first and foremost a PR show- they make their money from a good public relations. They are in show business just like musicians, politicians, etc, and to remain favourable with that public, they have show them/the public- the common man on the street, that he too can win. Remember the film Slum dog millionaire?
What is the essence of a professor or Doctor coming to the show and winning N10 million? That isn’t newsworthy! That won’t curry favour with the ‘public’. But it is breaking news when a barber or a teacher or a fashion designer comes to the hotseat and wins N10 million.
Whatever you are, to win N10 million, don't be a professor! And if you are, don't tell (find a way not to be a professor that day. lol)!

8.       You need all the luck you can get.
Even the most knowledgeable person still needs luck. Do you know it is virtually impossible to know all the insane, crazy and incredible trivia on the planet? Like I always say, “What you know is a tiny fragment of what you should know, which is a tiny fragment of what there is to know.” Don’t wear yourself out trying to cram silly stuff, let it flow naturally, and with God on your side, you will be Nigeria’s next ‘Aroma’ (who himself was lucky).

All the best!

Aroma won N10 million

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