6 Nov 2014

5 Short Cuts To Becoming A Millionaire In One Year


What is this nonsense that I hear that there is no short cut to great wealth. Don't be deceived, there ARE short cuts to wealth oh.  Who wants to think hard and work hard only to die a pauper? Not me, I don’t know about you sha.

So you want to become a millionaire, in dollars too? And you need a shortcut? You will get of course, if that is what you want. Yes, there are shortcuts, and I am about to tell you some of them. Maybe you've even read my article on how to be very rich, but you want a faster method.

Now to the short cuts because I know that is what you are waiting for. 

1st Shortcut: Find what people want fast, and give it to them fast
If you are like me, then you are also impatient, you want everything fast- fast food, fast car wash, fast car, fast money, fast life, fast sex, fast death. (Lol) Ok that last one wasn’t funny, but the truth is nearly everyone is like that. People want things fast. So if you want to be rich give them what they want, fast.

Don’t fight it. Don’t tell them not to want it fast. They will only avoid you at best, or resent you at worst.

Think up ways to give people what they want now now, and be fast about it. It might require you coming up with a better invention, or a nicer idea, or a way to distract them so they think they got it faster from you. It might require you actually stretching yourself thin to give it to them 1 second faster than your competitor. But who cares whether you are thinner now, as long as they get what they want faster.

So I want my website to load faster, can you do that for me? I want my child to finish secondary school in 5 years instead of 6, can you do that for me? Your customers want their fridges to make ice blocks too and in record time, with less energy/watts, can you do that for them? People want to walk in late, and come out early, can you ensure that? In fact, they don’t even want to walk in at all; they want to sit at home and have it delivered to them, are you up to the task of doing that?

Find ways in which to give people what they want, fast or faster, and you will be a multi-millionaire for it.

2nd shortcut: Find one thing that is cheap, simple, or easy to use and sell it to 1 million people. 
In simple terms, serve 1 million people. 

I am surprised that people want to be millionaires and they are not thinking in millions?!
Often times I meet people who want to also win N1million too on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Or who want to have a business that will be turning over 1 million naira, yet they are not thinking in the millions. To be a millionaire, you must think in millions. To be a billionaire, you must think in billions.

Justifying their investment of $19 billion in Whatsapp, Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg  said that ‘Facebook’ thinks in billions, that’s why he didn’t sell facebook back then when it was much younger, and that’s why facebook buys/invests only in apps that will appeal to or be used by billions of people.

That guy sure was a billionaire before he ever made a single dollar. And so should you. If you want to become a millionaire- START TO THINK IN MILLIONS…millions of people, millions of downloads, millions of clothes, millions of homes/houses, millions of students, millions of audience members, millions of naira, millions of shoes, millions of readers, millions sold, millions bought, millions of anything and everything you love. Find a way to serve a million people…at once, and you are a millionaire. Chikena!

3rd Shortcut: Find a millionaire around you and serve him/her. If you want to become a millionaire quickly, attend to a millionaire. If you want to become a billionaire, wait on billionaires. I can’t count the number of wealthy people today, millionaires and billionaires who became rich simply by associating with rich people.

From Ray Dalio (founder of Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund, with $160 billion in assets under management) who started as a golf course caddie for millionaires, to Oprah Winfrey who interviewed millionaires, to our own Mike Adenuga who has IBB has a mentor. People have been getting rich and will continue to get rich by serving already rich men and women.

Listen to what Wikipedia says about Andrew Carnegie: Starting in 1853, Thomas A. Scott of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company employed Carnegie as a secretary/telegraph operator at a salary of $4.00 per week. At age 18, the precocious youth began a rapid advance through the company, becoming the superintendent of the Pittsburgh Division. His employment by the Pennsylvania Railroad Company would be vital to his later success. The railroads were the first big businesses in America, and the Pennsylvania was one of the largest of them all. Carnegie learned much about management and cost control during these years, and from Scott in particular.
Scott also helped him with his first investments. Many of these were part of the corruption indulged in by Scott and the Pennsylvania's president, J. Edgar Thomson, which consisted of inside trading in companies that the railroad did business with, or payoffs made by contracting parties "as part of a quid pro quo". In 1855, Scott made it possible for Carnegie to invest $500 in the Adams Express, which contracted with the Pennsylvania to carry its messengers. The money was secured by his mother's placing a $500 mortgage on the family's $700 home, but the opportunity was available only because of Carnegie's close relationship with Scott.

Andrew Carnegie was worth (what will have been) $75 billion in today’s dollars as at the time of his death.

Now I am not saying this is the only way, so don’t get me wrong oh. I am saying THIS IS A SHORTCUT. Why stress yourself building wealth from the scratch when you can simply get leverage (or the principles that will get it given to you) on a platter of ‘gold’ (service).

4th shortcut: Inherit it or marry into it
Now I am sure many people won’t like this shortcut because it will make them look like gold diggers but another will say, “Who cares if they call me a gold digger, as long as I get the gold I am digging for?” 

One of the shortest, fastest ways to wealth is to get it FREE from someone who has already worked for or gotten it. I once heard of a nurse in the United States who inherited millions from an heiress she cared for for many years.  Even before she inherited the millions, she was already getting a six-figure salary, and bonuses worth millions of dollars.

 If your dad isn’t a millionaire, that’s not your fault. But if your husband isn’t one, that’s your fault!

 If you didn't marry/aren't married to a millionaire, help him/her become one!

Now I have given you the shortcuts, all you have to do in the next one year is choose any one of the shortcuts, position yourself appropriately to maximize it, and then of course, become the millionaire you have always wanted to be. All the best as you utilize any of the shortcuts.

Did you say something?

 Where is the 5th shortcut? Lol. Continue reading this blog for the next one year nah. How else do you expect to be a millionaire if you are not listening to one? Lol. See you tomorrow oh jare.


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