16 Oct 2014

DAY 21: Let Everyone Around You Know That You Have A Dream

...to be very rich and wealthy before you leave this earth, and you will stop at nothing to achieve it.

You can Dream, Plan, Set goals, Budget, Save, Give, Work hard...but if you have not started telling it, you have not truly began your journey to financial independence. What does Sijinius mean?

You know one of my favorite bible personalities is Joseph, the dreamer. Yes he was a dreamer. And you know what? He did not stop short of telling everyone around him that he had a dream. Of course that got him into trouble. But we all need the kind of trouble that catapults us to achieving our goals even if the path is not a very pleasant and comfortable one.

These days, I see a lot of people who say they have a dream, passion, goal, etc, but their body language screams, "Man, I don't know where I am headed or what I really want!"

I see people who want to achieve great success in life but they are afraid to talk about it for fear that an enemy will kill them before their time.

Listen if your enemy has not heard about your dream, you don't really have one yet. Why? Because I know from history and experience that you can't really believe something and not say it.
And also because it is those very enemies that will help you achieve it.

Jesus had a dream, so did Martin Luther, and Martin Luther King Jr, and Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Theresa. Bill Gates, entrepreneurs like Dangote, Richard Branson, and many more are all dreamers.

When you enter the reception of a great business, you will find on their wall staring at you, their vision for the business. Why?! Simple.  The principle is "The more you tell others about your dream, the eager they are to help you, either willingly or unwillingly".
If you tell a friend your dream he will help you willingly. If you tell an enemy, he too will help you, albeit unwillingly, unknowingly. And the more you are likely to achieve it.

Really, no one can stop you except you!

It is not that you purposely set out to tell everyone just for that sake. It is the case that you say it because you believe it so much, it is so real to you and so heavily imprinted on your heart that you can't but tell everyone you meet. And when you say it out, you set in motion all the forces that will enable you achieve it, in you and in nature.

When your enemies, and competitors and neighbours all agree to the fact that you have a dream, it is because you have one singular purpose- to achieve A dream, and it has become so obvious, that you will.

So, tell your dream to yourself first, believe it so much so that everyone around comes to know it is a life passion, and you will see them coming together to help you achieve it.

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