8 Oct 2014

Do You Still Have The Gambler’s Mentality?

This is more of a personal reflective question for all of us, particularly me.
Let me ask you some questions….

Ø  When you hear someone has won N1 million on TV, or N5 million through betting on Nairabet, Surebet247, or merrybet, do you secretly wish it was you?

Ø  When MTN, GLo or Etisalat says they want to give out N100 million to 1000 people, and all you have to do is send WIN to 777 (all texts cost N100), do you play believing you will be one of the 1000?

Ø  When a former classmate of yours gets married, buys a new car, or wins a big contract, do you secretly envy him/her?

Ø  Do you hope to put in little effort and win big money?

Ø  Do you still get moved by get-rich-quick schemes that promise 100% profit/ROIs in a short period of time?

Ø  If you see an investment of 8% returns annually, do you think it is too small, and don’t consider it as a GREAT business opportunity, or you don’t even look at it?

 If you answer yes to at least one of the questions, you are not alone or abnormal at all, in fact, you are like 80% of the people in your neighbourhood, working in your office, and the people who walk every day on your street.
 Yes! Most people have the innate desire to be lucky and do the barest minimum to achieve that. It is in our human nature. In fact up to 70% of the population of developed countries plays one form of lottery or the other. 80% have played at least once in their lifetime. That’s the Gambler’s mentality. And it is more prevalent among 'poor' people.

 No one was born with the gambler’s mentality
Having the gambler’s mentality does not mean you are strange or evil, or an idiot. It just means you are very human. It is human to want to wake up to breakfast served you in your bed, with a retinue of servants at your beck and call, a limousine parked outside ready to take you to tour the city. Your stocks are doing well and there are billions of pounds, dollars and naira, sitting in your account.

 We all want to be treated like royalty, but we aren’t all royalty. Most of us will have to work for our pay, dress ourselves up, do our makeup ourselves, and take the bus to work for many years. Most of us won’t win the lottery, and the earlier we accept that fact the better. Those who were born into a royal family don’t think like this . But the majority of us aren’t royalty. We have been through a lot in life. Some of us have had it really difficult getting two square meals daily. And that’s where we picked up the gambler’s mentality.

 Ditch the Gambler’s mentality for wealth mentality
Many place all their hopes of ever becoming rich on luck. It is even worse when someone is lazy and just hopes to be lucky one day. You may play the lottery every week if you like, but go to work and put in your best as if that’s all the hope you have in life of becoming rich. And if you win the lottery, still go to work the next day!

 Listen, money does not make one rich. It is having the wealth mentality that makes a person rich. Stop looking for quick fixes. Stop looking for get-rich-quick schemes. Find joy in working for your pay. There is honor in work- hard work.

 When you have two investment opportunities -one offering a modest 10% ROI (return on investment) annually, and another offering a 90% ROI in one year, which one will you go for?
Wealth mentality goes for the first one, while gambler’s mentality goes for the second offer. If you want to be very wealthy, be ready to embark on a long bumpy journey, not a roller coaster. The earlier you accept that fact the faster you will get rich quick.

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