14 Nov 2014

If you want to gamble, then gamble what you can afford NOT to lose- because you mustn't


What’s this rubbish I hear of “If you must gamble, then gamble only what you can afford to lose?”
Let me ask you, “Is there any money you truly can afford to lose?” Do you love to lose money? Who makes money so that instead of making more, he loses that which he has made? No one! So why are you taking such advice as “Don’t gamble what you cannot afford to lose?”

No, I say! If you must gamble, then be a professional, put in all you have- which you cannot afford to lose, AND DON’T LOSE IT!          

Warren Buffet's 2 business rules are
#1 Never lose money.
#2 Never forget rule 1.

Have you heard of entrepreneurs or idea innovators who sold all they had to start a business, or pursue an idea, and eventually succeeded? Then that’s how you should handle anything you do! And if you want to be a professional in the betting industry, then put all you have, gamble all you are on that stake, as if your life depends on it- because it does. (Read what i said in my other post about Billy Walters, the greatest professional bettor alive.)

Stop! And that’s my advice to anyone, regardless of your profession- be it Medicine, Music, Trading, Teaching, or Investing….


If you cannot stake all you have, and all you are on what you do (professionally), then stop doing it.

Be a ‘professional’ at what you do- whatever that is.

The most successful people are those who treat whatever they do as if it is worth doing, and so have to be successful at it.

Now, stop short that ‘amateur’ mindset of, “But I don’t want to be a professional." “But I don’t intend doing this for a living.”

Then stop living!

Or stop doing it totally.

If you don’t want to succeed at anything, then don’t do it!


If you do anything because you think it merits your time, and money, and effort, then you are better off succeeding at it.

Put in ALL your time, ALL your money, ALL your efforts, and succeed at it.

So if you want to be an entrepreneur, be ready to give it your all!
If you want to be a blogger, be the best blogger you can be!
If you want to gamble, be ready to put in everything or nothing at all!
If you want to be a speculator, be the most successful speculator alive!
And if you must win, then be the most successful, happiest winner there is!

In the end, the biggest winners in life aren't those who won big, they are those who didn't lose big...because everyone loses something, after all.

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