28 Nov 2014

What I Didn't Tell You About My Plan To Raise One Billion


On the 29th of September, I shared my own billion dollar plan to become Nigeria's first internet billionaire, and my idea on raising N1 Billion locally. But what I didn't tell you was that this blog came about as a precursor to that. In fact, it was because Hostgator refunded my funds that made me decide to continue here for the time being while I launch my idea.

So let me share with you what I actually have in mind. I know it is not safe, there are enemies, and ideas-thief, etc, But I trust you now, you won't steal my idea, abi? lol

This isn't the whole thing anyway, but the web and app platforms idea-format. This is what I want my 'online life and career' to be built around. Hopefully in the next 5 years, my vision and dreams will have materialised. Of course, I have started work on it, but I am still a long way away and in need of 'great help' financially and technology-wise (I wish I had learnt programming growing up). lol

Like I said on Day 21: Let everyone know you have a dream, there will always be enemies, but they can only accelerate you to your destiny as long as you maintain a positive outlook to (your) life.

Slogan: Africa’s largest online community to save, make money, and learn how to turn (your) money into a loyal servant to you.

Africa's Largest online credit and thrift society (what the Yorubas will call 'ajo')

Website Menu
1.       SAVE
2.       MAKE MONEY
6.       FORUM

1.       SAVE (basis of the idea)
·         Personal profile, including financial goals, long term and short term, wallet,
·         Interest-based, or Non-interest/Islamic banking (decide on what you want us to invest in and we share the profits equally annually)
·         Simple interest on savings, or Compound interest (bi-annual)
·         Salary for life (for people at PMH level 7 and above)- life annuity

2.       MAKE MONEY (on the site)
·         Bring others (MLM, as outlined above)
·         Online jobs (click adverts, view adverts, freelancing, and personal adverts, etc)
·         You are paid 1cc for every log in to the site (not to be publicized anyway, but programmed accordingly, so that every time you log in, your balance increases by 1cc). Log in counter to correspond with this feature.
·         Subscribe to your subscriptions through us (feature to come as program-idea becomes more popular)

3.       EMPLOY OTHERS (leverage on your team/network to make money)
·         Weekly tasks for teams will be posted and attached to the rewards program above (such as raising your team’s overall CC balance, clicking on adverts, donating to charity, etc). Motivate and encourage your downlines to perform projects for you, for a pay.
·         Use the power of networking to get jobs done and accomplish projects, and then pay others for their efforts.
·         Prizes will include plagues, money prizes, matching donations to charity of choice, extra loans to members, free advert placements, etc

·         DO-IT-YOURSELF Personal finance; log onto the site’s personal finance tools such as budgeting tools, bills payment software, loan/mortgage payment, automated donations to charity of choice monthly, etc.
·         Personal finance mentors and experts will be available for consultation for free and/or for a fee

·         Personal Finance articles
·         Money making ebooks, links, and resources (online and offline)
·         Entrepreneurial classes, mentorship – links and contacts (e.g. similar to Maramentor)
·         Free links to, and contacts of web companies offering free online courses and webinars.

6.       FORUM

7.       PLATFORM FOR ONLINE PAYMENTS on websites such as amazon, ebay, jumia, konga, etc (future plan). Goal is to make Credicoins universally accepted web digital currency.

Means and Method of collecting money on Website and APP
1.       You can transfer to your Credicoins account directly from your ATM/Debit or Credit card.
2.       You can transfer from Paypal, or any other online/digital currency e.g. Webmoney, Egopay, Neteller, etc.
3.       Integrate the Telecom platform to the web and APP platforms such that anyone who joins in a village in say, Nigeria, will instantly get a page/account online even if they never log unto the site, ever…with full membership features and benefits. 

This is the SAVEMECREDIT/PAYYOURSELFHOURLY idea. This is also where the RATIONMECREDIT idea will function from.

I conceived this idea in 2009, at the very same time I conceived LENDMECREDIT (now done by GLO as BORROWMECREDIT). I don't want to wait anymore, as time waits for no one. I have too many ideas running marathon in my head, but no outlet. 

[My friends blame my going to Medical school as the cause of my many frustrations, anyway, phew, it is well!]

Ok, I am guilty of always having dreams bigger than I but one day, by his grace, I will look back, not with regret, but gratitude that he gave me all these ideas and I didn't disappoint him. 

What do you think?

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