15 Dec 2014

Summarizing The Lessons of 8 Years Of Forex Trading Into 1 Article


Actually you know that it isn't possible to say everything you have learnt over a long period in just one article. But what I intend doing with this blog and eventually in Credicoins Network is to make available different options of making money, both online and offline, for Africans.

I mean YOU SHOULD, AND WILL BE ABLE TO TAKE ANY ONE METHOD, AND MAKE MONEY WITH IT WITHIN 3 MONTHS. I intend specializing in online trading (and blogging anyway), and make it profitable for all Africans.

I am going through the stress of losing money, researching and of course, making money so that when you decide to come on board, you won't have to make the same mistakes I (or any of the mentors/role models I will introduce you to) made. I want Africans to be financially empowered.

But you know, people can be very arrogant. Instead of humbling themselves and riding on the shoulders of the 'giants' who have been through what they intend going through, they prefer to stubbornly suffer the consequences themselves. But you are not like that. You know there are more than 1 million ways of making money in this world. And you are willing to take at least one, and pursue it intently, focusing on it till you become very successful at it.

I was assisting a surgery yesterday, and the surgeon said something I didn't forget. Said he, "You have to become an expert at what feeds you and pays your children's school fees, and pays for your retirement." I learnt that the hard way. If you have not read my article on being professional at whatever you choose to do, please do. You have no business dabbling into (making money in) anything if you are not willing to become the best (person making money) at it.

I repeat, DON'T INVEST IN ANYTHING YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT. Even if you got into by mistake, don't stay in it by mistake. Don't buy shares because stocks are now appreciating in value. Don't buy land simply because rich people buy land. Don't build houses because you think every landlord is a wealthy man/woman. Make money in something because you are interested in learning about, and knowing everything there is to know about that thing. That is why you hear that people passionate about their job make the most money. That is why Warren Buffet is the richest stock investor, and Bill Gates is a rich programmer, and Messi is a rich footballer.

Find joy doing something, and then you will find the wealth in it. Take the joy away, and whatever cash you get from it will never make you happy/fulfilled.

If you want to be very rich in something, and very good at something, anything at all, then become passionate and professional about that thing. It is that mindset that will make you very wealthy at it. And in 30 years, you will still be doing that thing, being very, extremely, strikingly rich at it.

I will round up the Forex series in one more article and then tell you (in the next series on trading binary options) how I made $4000 from $510 in about 1 week trading binary options (but lost most of it because I didn't have a mentor).


But for now, watch this video above if you can, or use this link. When I review the app, you will understand better.

See ya!

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