18 Aug 2015



Hi. I have been doing a lot of reading lately towards becoming Nigeria’s biggest, most successful start-up founder who was born in Nigeria and never traveled out of Nigeria. (Well, that is technically a lie as my mum took me with her to New Jersey, USA when I was one. But I am sure you get the gist anyway, lol.)

I want to help you make money easily, especially online. And what Credicoins hope to do is automate that!

My reading has ranged from angel investing and venture capitalism, to ACCA’s accounting, to entrepreneurship, to algorithms, personal finance, Forex/sports betting/online trading, investments, medicine, researching for blog posts, and many more....
The truth is that if I really wanted to write everyday on this blog I can, but I can’t (at least for now).


Knowledge is good, but cash is king (Eccl 9:15-16, 10:19).
Now isn’t the time to speak so much...but to learn and more importantly, practice! What is the essence of having so much knowledge and very few experiences under your belt, i.e. so little money (physically) in your bank account?

The first scripture verse above says that a poor man whose wisdom saved a city will still be ignored afterwards. Even Africans, unfortunately, do not value people, no matter how knowledgeable they are, except by the size of their house, the millions in their bank account, and the ‘badness’ of their SUV(s). And they sometimes take it too far when they glorify thieving politicians, fraudsters, and robbers because of their wealth.

The second verse says that money can give you all (these) things.

Automating my Forex trading strategies, and everything else
The other day I was with a Forex-programmer friend who writes expert advisors. He had told me to come over and share my strategy with him so that he can automate it for me. And thinking about it, I have been obsessing about automating not just my Forex strategies, but also all of my investment ideas- from Stock trading, to starting and running a new (online) company even if it is just a blog, sports betting (a couple of people have been calling me on that), teaching Forex and ways of making money online (I should start making videos on that very soon too), and so on.

Of course, I have already preached here the importance of automation. To be wealthy, you must save. And you need to automate your savings habit. And that is where my idea of Credicoins originated from –helping Africans automate their savings, and then automatically investing the savings by achieving their financial goals simultaneously, online and offline.

However, I want to do that first for myself before eventually doing that on credicoins.com. Now, that does not mean one hinders the other, or that they are mutually exclusive. No! It just means I have personally added a new financial goal to automate all the ways in which I (have ever and will ever) make money.

The earlier you automate, the wealthier you can be
Here is a list, in no particular order, of all the ways in which I (can and have) made money in my 30 years on earth. I have blog posts already on (how I have automated) most of them but I hope to automate others in the coming years:

And many other ways....

You see, I can easily make/raise money. What I need however, is to spend less, and automate all of that so that I retain more of the monies I get.

I challenge you to do the same for yourself
Sit down sometimes this week and write out every single way you have made money since you were born, and the potentials you have to make money. While your own list might not be as long and diverse as mine, you will soon learn that no man, including you, is so poor and disadvantaged as to not have talents/skills/hobbies that can be monetized.

Of digital currencies
Finally, I was also reading and researching about Bitcoin the other day, and these online ‘coin’ thing – didn’t know that there are a lot of them. I saw Litecoin, Kobocoin, Blackcoin, Digitalcoin, Earthcoin, Mintcoin, etc. Of course, so many want to ride on Bitcoins' success.[Please note that Credicoins is not a digital currency. Even though I hope that it will be some day, it will start by being denominated in Naira and Dollars].

Please note that even though I sometimes use I when referring to Credicoins, it is a company with directors and shareholders and employees (yes, we are starting operations next month with two programmers who will report to work everyday)- Credicoins is far bigger than I!

Thank you for reading. Please share with others if you think they will gain some wisdom. 


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