1 Jan 2016

My New Year Financial Resolutions For 2016


Happy New Year! By now, I believe that everyone on earth is already in 2016 (I wonder what time exactly those astronauts presently in the International Space Station entered 2016).


A new year comes with new responsibilities, new hopes and opportunities, new desires, new (and also some old) challenges. And then we come up with new resolutions to overcome those challenges and take full advantage of the opportunities.

fireworks in Taiwan's Taipei 101
New resolutions does not necessarily mean a new vision
On this blog and Credicoins network limited also, 2016 requires that new resolutions are set. However, the old resolutions have to be reviewed and 2015 actions and inactions reassessed so we can know what worked and what didn't.

New year resolutions does not mean you necessarily have to change your vision and goals for your life if you did not achieve them the previous year. For example if your life goal is to learn a new language before you leave the earth and you started with Spanish but found it difficult in 2015. Then in 2016, you can still continue, only changing your strategies, or teachers.

I need to double up my focus so that I can be effective while trying to make other's lives and business more efficient. I still want to be an internationally recognised personal finance expert, and build a billion-dollar business, without losing the common touch or misplacing priorities. Perhaps I am guilty, you would say, of being monotonous and predictable. I accept.

I resolve to save at least 50% of my total income every month of 2016, and live on what is left. I want to be more financially disciplined this year. And I think you should too.


Disrupting the cooperative/SACCO industry is not going to be easy

Ok, Credicoins hopes to make it easy for an average Joe in USA, to save in the same Coop with a typical Lin in China, and be joined by a Tope in Nigeria with each of them achieving their financial goals irrespective of their locations. Of course, that won't be very easy. But that is what it will take to disrupt age-old industry. With the craze about SaaS, and on-demand companies, you begin to wonder whether someone can be bold enough to bring that same efficiency to the collaborative 'savings and credit societies' world.

Credicoins will be an hybrid of a traditional bank, and the typical coop society. I am sure you can't wait till log into www.credicoins.com. Me too! That is why we are working tireless to ensuring we can deliver on schedule, and also quality.

So what are your own resolutions?
Do you even have any? Or perhaps, you have given up making resolutions because you failed in previous years. Let me know what's your 2016 resolution(s), and if they are the same ones you chose last year but failed to achieve, or you have new ones.

Happy new year once again. Have a financially successful and fun 2016 ahead!

fireworks in Sydney on new year day 2016

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