17 Feb 2024



1. It is a global economy now i.e. a war in Ukraine can make your flour more expensive and your energy bills to go up.
A war in Yemen/the Red Sea will affect you because global supply chain disruption will make your goods from China get to you longer and be more expensive.
COVID/the next pandemic will affect your country economically whether you know how to spell SARS-COV-2 or not. The earlier you accept, the better for you.

2. No matter what you do, your salary and/or earnings can never meet up with the rate of inflation/money printing by your government. So, you will become poorer overtime.
Fight the truth to your peril.

3. Global Trade means, for example, your Nigeria sells its Crude Oil and hopes that it can use the (FOREX) Dollars earned to buy all the goods you do not produce in Nigeria, as you are a consumer economy.
When your crude oil is stolen by thieves, or NNPC does not remit the money to the Federal Government of Nigeria, you Nigerians will be poor and continue to borrow from IMF/World Bank/China, Russia (BRICS), etc.Therefore, you have a trade deficit, and are also in debt.
[The borrower is slave to the lender.]

4. When your Naira falls due to the Foreign Exchange and other factors, your land and houses and whole life/time becomes cheaper and can now be easily bought by people abroad/at the top- it is an economic war against you, whether you are foolish or wise enough to realise it. The poverty will force you to sell yourself/properties for ordinary bread to eat, unless you farm/make your own food and create your own weapons to protect yourself, and/or you leave their economic system completely.

All wars have economic motives underlying them. Don't be deceived.


5. The only way to be "free economically" as of now, is to either submit 100% to the dictates of your foolish and corrupt (political and religious) leaders selling all of you into economic slavery to IMF/WORLD BANK/WEF/"BRICS", etc, via your lusts, or you create an alternate/parallel economic system, right now.
Curb your materialism or be a slave to your desires. The choice is yours.

6. Present alternate economic systems in the world include:
a) the TRADE BY BARTER of your forefathers- you and another person simply agree to exchange items based on mutually accepted value. No external person dictates to either of you.

b) HAWALA/HUNDI: a net settlement informal/underground banking system. It serves as another form of money/value transfer system (MVTS) for money transfer, currency exchange, terrorism financing, and money laundering used mostly by South Asians, Middle Eastern Arabs, and Eastern Africans.
Transactions are based on trust/reputation among culturally-connected individuals living on different continents.

c) Cryptocurrency/financial Blockchain solutions such as Bitcoin, created (in 2008 because of that year's global financial crisis caused by the greed of these same global bankers and corrupt finance people,) with intent to bypass the Central banks.
I.e You ask for your salary or business payments in cryptocurrency and you trade likewise.

You can start or continue in any of these. Good luck bypassing the central bankers though.

7. God's (parallel) Economic system:
When God is solely/100% in charge, he provides all your energy needs freely and you never need to protect yourself from wars, disease, famine, or poverty. You all transact with one another strictly based on his economic terms and conditions.
It is a parallel economic system. This is an endtime economic battle of kingdoms. There will be no middle ground. Brace up for it.

You either continue in your economic slavery to WEF/IMF/BRICS/EU, or you join God's parallel economic system. It begins now. The choice of whom you are enslaved to is yours. There is no middle ground.

Important Note: While this post indicates that IMF, World Bank, BRICS, EU, and the WEF are all separate entities, in a matter of months, they will merge into 1 entity, and you will have only one global economic slavemaster very very very soon. You will not be able to transact in their economic system without accepting their MARK. Fight the truth to your peril.

100% FAITH
100% LOVE
100% NO LACK...We have come full cycle. As it was in the beginning, so shall it be at the end.

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