2 May 2024




For the past 7 years, since August 2017, I completely changed my mindset to (having) cash. I have sought to live cashless in an urban area. I must confess that this was as a direct result of Rev 13 and my Endtime prophetic calling. 

My personal finance blogging and my intention to build a Fintech company/be financially successful in the eyes of the world went in the opposite direction. 

While I have not fully gotten a grasp on the methods in which I have employed to achieve this mental paradigm change, I am slowly getting there. Of course, almost everyone in my life thinks that I am crazy and it has not been easy on my mental health, necessitating the writing of my upcoming book* on helping people with depression, anxiety and loneliness. We must continue to help people, no matter what!
[Note: All my entrepreneurial endeavors always stem from personal problems or pain points or passion, that I hope can be of help to one other person who might just have the same problem as me.]

What is the experiment? - HOW DO YOU LIVE CASHLESS INSIDE LAGOS/NEW YORK/MILAN/LONDON/etc, (not inside a forest/outside modern-day civilization)?!!

How have I been able to live based on VALUE, instead of cash? And what am I up to in 2024?

1. As we approach the Great Tribulation, the demand to concentrate on cash increases all the more but I will double down on Value, and continue to reject doing anything based strictly on cash.
Anyone, especially if you claim to be a Christian, who is not weaning themselves off fiat currency will be shocked when they are asked to take the MARK OF THE BEAST soon, to continue meeting their basic needs/retain their jobs and material items/maintain their lifestyle.
[Just as the COVID pandemic (and the need to be mandatorily COVID-vaccinated) caught the world unawares in just 4 months, you will be shocked soon when this is rolled out. Brace up!]

The (purpose of the) Great Tribulation is ALSO to test your value-based system, or its absence i.e. ''What motivates your actions and inactions on earth- Mammon or God?!''

2. Continue to help as many people as possible achieve their purpose and dreams, without charging them a dime for it or demanding tithes/offerings as payment for my helping them, etc.
Since 2016, for example, I have directly helped over 25 doctors, nurses, engineers, and other professionals (and many more indirectly), from all over the world to relocate abroad by passing IELTS. I have done this for free. I do that as a means of concentrating on Value, not cash. Freely I was given, freely I give. I have not seen any need to build a social business off this value-assistance- I am not the only one teaching IELTS in the world.

3. Build SYSTEMS, not based on fiat currency, but on VALUE. I am 100% locked into building systems and networks based on value exchanged between us, not necessarily money.
In other words, if I cannot pay you monetarily, you might be forced to accept an equivalent in value from me. But I will try to not owe any man. If I am paid a salary or execute a contract in fiat currency, I will pay you back the same, if not, you will have to accept an equivalent in value.

Note: I am not a lazy person. If God can work so much that he had to rest on the 7th day, then, I am a hardworker too. If I work for you, you must pay me my value, or I will give you the exact value that you pay for/can afford. If I have to borrow from you for a particular reason, I will pay you back immediately the reason for my loan from you is fulfilled. I keep my word.

4. All the money that I raised from investors or loans that I took, I tried to either give them returns, or return their investment capital to them. But I must confess that I was not always successful at this, but I have paid back all pressing loans- I don't have any bank loan, mortgage, student loan, car loan, etc.
[And most of my former investors have counted their investments as loss. God knows that I would have tried my best to pay them back given the best-case scenario.]

Moreover, my real plan going forward is to never raise money from angels/VCs/investors/banks for any investment. And I am building myself to that level now, including not raising money for any exams/personal development investment. This will surely make me concentrate on building an NGO instead of a For-profit company (which my pride cringes to admit), but I am coming to terms with that reality.
Freely I was given, freely I will continue to give.
Does this mean that I will have to swallow my pride and accept FREEWILL DONATIONS? Yes!
Does this mean that I will not transfer cash to people as before -since I have an organisation to build now? Most definitely!

5. I remain committed to helping black Africans come out of poverty. (That is why I retained this blog.)

 By Poverty, I am not talking about living below $1 a day, or any such World Bank definitions of poverty, based on money. Poverty is simply a perpetual state of not being able to meet your basic needs, including your mental health need for love and acceptance!
To be truly poor is to not progress or develop in the way you desire and ought to. Poverty is not having/inherently losing the ability to progress or grow, no matter your attempts. You are not improving as you get older or learning from your mistakes, repeating them over and again.
And worse, Poverty is having no one to help you, or rejecting help that you need.

So Nigeria (and by extension Nigerians,) will remain poor if the people who block her growth and progress continue to be successful because each Nigerian does not truly care about growth or progress enough to stand up unitedly against such people.
Chasing cash, instead of value, is the #1 reason for poverty globally. And Nigerians worship cash including and especially their religious and political leaders (those 2 are the same these days), having little regard/paying lip service to individual growth and geographic progress/'systems building'.
Or, how do you build systems when you pay people peanuts instead of a living wage? When you value position and wealth above merit, quality/standards and working systems? When you value your tribe and religion/religious organisation above human life, yet claim to be godly/know God? You dey play. lol

6. For the body, I remain committed to treating people as a medical doctor based in Nigeria- where God has asked me to Occupy till he comes.
For the mind, the NGO will be committed to helping people with mental health challenges, especially if they are a Christian and understand that we are the ''Tribulation Generation''. Depression, loneliness and anxiety is about to hit the roof. Brace up, it is about to get worse! The earlier/more prepared you are, the better for you.
For the spirit, I remain called as an Endtime Prophet to (mature) the Church, and if my messages continue to scare you, I apologise. But it means that you should accept to become Jesus Christ's disciple in your geographic region and occupy the place till he comes. He is returning sooner than you can say ''Jack Robinson''. Stand for righteousness and godliness and be mentally prepared for the fall out of that stance. As things get worse, so will the evil that men do. Brace up!
[Note: If my messages offend you, too bad. I have no apologies for that. You can either block me or delete my number.]

My messages never scared a true believer- they know where they are headed after death because they know who they live for on earth. Jesus Christ told us where he was headed after death and where with him they will be, all who die in him.


[*My book's tentative title is- HOME, FOOD AND FULFILLMENT:

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