19 May 2017

If God Were To Destroy Nigeria Today, Will he find 10 Righteous People In It To Save It?

Let me start my soliloquy with some rhetorical questions to guide the reader...

1. Which is the most important law of all the laws that guide a man's earthly life:
Morality law,
Spiritual law,
Business/corporate Law,
Sowing and reaping (Agricultural) law,
Medical/Pharmaceutical/Accounting profession association Law (if a Medical doctor, Pharmacist or Accountant respectively),
Law of wealth and physical prosperity, etc?

2. Does material success necessarily equate to true success and approval before God?

3. Does the desire and need for survival/success justify twisting laws and bending rules, or even out-rightly breaking them?

4. Is there one law that supersedes, overrides or kind of supervises other laws altogether?

5. If we obey that one law, do we need to obey the others? Or, is it possible to obey that law and in so doing break other laws?

Let us begin....

A country of many corrupt Christians and Muslims; where some are above the law
Nigerians are very religious- we believe in God. The average person is either a Christian or a Muslim, with very very few Agnostics and Atheists. Yet the country is riddled and ridiculed by corruption. People twist laws and bend rules to suit themselves in the name of ''survival'' (man must chop).

Most are of the opinion, at least their actions and inactions show, that as long as you ''make it'' (-have cars, build mansions, show opulence etc), it is ok to be corrupt. In other words, it does not really matter how you get wealth, as long as you get it.

Some even believe that as long as you give alms or Zakat to the poor, or pay your ''tithes'' and offering from the stolen/ill-gotten wealth, God accepts it.

Has a law been broken?
Who cares?! Na law we go chop? (meaning: ''can the law put food on my family's table?'')

When past leaders and heads of state are actually immune to prosecution from past misdeeds, how does such a society move forward?

Oft in Nigeria, aberration is norm, and the norm is an aberration
Nigeria is a country where an organisation or association of professionals can just set their own rules on the go, regardless of other universally accepted norms and standards.

For example, the council regulating professional pharmacy practice (against international health standards) has over the years allowed non-pharmacist investors such as rich industrious Igbo men to open and operate community pharmacies with junior pharmacists fronting for them. And that was fine for reasons best known to them. But then they felt it was no longer necessary or judicious, so they changed their law midway to effectively exclude non-pharmacists from owning and controlling community pharmacies, no matter how rich.

Now, there is no problem with doing that going forward, but what of the others you presently allow to continue flouting the law? Are they immune or above the new law? Should we continue to do things based on whims and sentiments of bigotry or need for supremacy?

In Nigeria, a government parastatal or official can decide to institute outrageous and illegal practices in respect to awarding contracts and setting policies without recourse to best practice, or the laws of civil service. The leaders do not care about vision, or national progress, or for future generations. We mostly do things for the now- eat, build a house and enjoy today.

Pastors and other men of God who ask for, and collect tithes have fallen for the first temptation
We have already seen how that many religious people in Nigeria go to places of worship and give offerings/alms, yet the country is steep in corruption and lawlessness.
What is wrong in asking for and collecting tithes as a pastor?

Luke 4: 3-4 (KJV)
And the devil said unto him, If thou be the Son of God, command this stone that it be made bread.
And Jesus answered him, saying, It is written, That man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.
The devil's first temptation of Jesus after he got spiritual power for his divine mandate was- Abuse the power of God to meet your earthly needs and physical materialism.

Let us analyse that temptation more closely, why does the bible consider it a temptation?
1. The devil recognised that Jesus is the Son of God. Luke 3:22, 4:3
2. The devil recognised that Jesus had just received spiritual power for ministry. Luke 4: 1-2
3. And he recognised that Jesus was physically hungry. Luke 4: 2

Then, he asked Jesus to abuse his authority and power in meeting an urgent physical need he had- hunger.

Is it ok to be hungry? Yes!
Is it true that we will have needs? Yes!
Are we to meet our needs/satisfy our earthly desires with the spiritual power given to us? No!

Any pastor who cannot trust God to meet his needs, but will instead levy a monthly "tax" on the people of God by lying to them that they are mandated to pay "tithes", and are in fact cursed if they don't, will be judged by God based on falling for the first temptation.

It takes more than bread to really live. Yes, it takes more than cash to be prosperous, just as it takes more than a certificate/diploma to be successful. It takes God to live and be successful eternally.

The spiritual law that guides our lives is the most important of all.

God's approval matters most
If you are seeking human or earthly approval, you are in the wrong path. And I have been there.

Chasing all these things pale in comparison to his will for us, seeking and obeying it.
And he will add all these things to us, but first we must chase righteousness- doing the right thing always.

When he comes to judge the earth at his second coming will you be one of the righteous souls?

So, are there 10 righteous people in Nigeria?
Do we have enough people doing the right thing within the shores of this country, enough to ''save it'' from impending doom? Gen 18: 17-33

The last time God destroyed the earth, there were 8 righteous souls in it- Noah, his wife, their three sons and their wives. Gen 6: 9-13.

He does not destroy or permit the destruction of any civilisation of people if there are at least 10 righteous people in it.

Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach. Prov 14:34.
 My prayer is that God will raise more righteous men and women in Nigeria and indeed, all over the world- regardless of what they presently call themselves- Atheist, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jehovah's Witness, Scientist, etc.

Rapture means ''withdrawal of the righteous''
At rapture, the righteous of the earth will be caught up with Jesus in the air. 1Thess 4: 16-17
 The minimum qualification to be ''rapturable'' is righteousness. For you to be righteous, you must believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, not works, not religion!

Your actions must follow your belief, that is the real proof of belief. While you might act right without believing, you cannot believe and not act right. That is the true test of righteousness.

Just as ''Giving'' is the true test of love (-you can give without loving but you cannot love without giving), ''Acting right'' is the true test of righteousness!

May we live out the righteousness in us. May our lives and nations progress because of it.


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