1 Oct 2016

MMM, Making Money Online 2016/2017, The Gift of Handicap, And Other Stories


This blog is supposed to be suspended indefinitely on money/personal finance matters because of personal reasons (I already gave in the last few blog posts). Excepting for personal musings, important announcements and other random updates, if I am not here, it is assumed I am reading for my exams. However, recent happenings in the Nigerian online personal finance/”Make Money Online” space saddened me and I am forced (out of recess, abi na recession..lol) to make this post.


My purpose in life as I shared in the last blog post is to help/show people the way out of poverty -whether or not I am 'rich'.
God specifically told me that he did not send me to "first acquire wealth, and then start teaching people how to do the very same thing I did" -which was what I was hustling to do and sadly, repeatedly failing at.

I am simply to show others that to be rich, they need the right mindset, then discipline and diligence, and finally, ideas and strategies. ALL OTHER THINGS ARE EXCESS TO SUPPLY!


Make 1% daily and 30% monthly returns on your investment
I first came across the website mmm-nigeria.net late 2014 while researching the MultiLevel Marketing blog post under my uncompleted series “40 different ways to make money online.” And I immediately passed it off as ridiculous.

Why? Because it actually, really, truly is ridiculous!!! 

And I also thought that it can NEVER fly in Nigeria because Nigerians are way too smart to believe that crap. More so, we only just recovered from the “wonder bank” era of the 2006-2008 period where HYIP companies like Wealth solution, Nospecto and their likes, promised outrageous returns on people’s money. The funny thing is that I was wrong.

I don't know if it is because of the recession in the country, but I found Nigerians, particular 'the middle class' (people with jobs- bankers, doctors, etc) doing the ridiculous, within the last 3 months.
If there is anything history has taught man, it is that MAN DOES NOT LEARN FROM HISTORY!

Even a fellow personal finance blogger and investment guru Olafusi Michael recently advised people against 'investing' in MMM, with analysis as to why it will fail eventually.

What is Credicoins.com, and Why We Suspended it
Credicoins.com hoped to help poor citizens of developing countries learn how to delay gratification, and truly help themselves achieve their financial goals through a social financial network that emphasized and rewarded savings, networking, hardwork and creativity, starting from (true) Charity (from the diaspora and within members).
[Remember my other post where I told you that the easiest way to make money in Nigeria is (to start) from the charity or gossip industries? lol]

The idea behind Credicoins is to create an automated platform where an independent (as reasonably possible) monetary unit- Credicoins- is spent, and earned, and gifted, but only withdrawn as material items (the goal being saved for), in other to help alleviate poverty among members.

Though still tied to the global (dollar) financial monetary system, earning credicoins was supposed to encourage and reward hardwork among members who will be contributing VALUE, and getting rewarded for the VALUE they create. And we ensured the compensation plan we created was fair and equitable regardless of when and where in the MLM tree you entered.

Great idea, until you realize what it legally and technically takes, and the financial cost to achieving a seemingly simple and innovative concept in a complex country like Nigeria...unless one does not mind starting another MMM!

Lottery, ponzi schemes and bad MLM exploit the poor
Lottery tickets sale rise with poverty, just as HYIPs and ponzi schemes thrive during economic recession or depressions.

Countless studies have shown that the poor are the ones who participate in lottery most, and they literally spend "what they cannot afford” on the lottery annually. Most of them never winning anything substantial, and even when they win very large amounts at once, they mostly end up worse for it.

When you analyse MMM and other ponzi schemes, and also analyse lottery systems, you quickly discover that they were created to exploit the poor man’s greed and “hope” to break free from poverty overnight.

Regardless of how much you earn monthly- whether N10,000, N1 million or even $1 million, if you have NEEDS that cannot be met by your income, you are poor.

IT IS NOT YOUR SALARY (AMOUNT) THAT MAKES YOU POOR, IT IS THE FACT THAT YOU CAN NOT FIND WAYS TO LIVE WITHIN THAT INCOME. That is why you find rich poor people living in highbrow areas, driving expensive cars and yet they have no savings or investments beyond their monthly pay.

[If you were to stop working today, will your income/salary/profits continue coming in? The answer determines whether you are truly rich.]

Like I once showed from the main research finding of the book “The millionaire next door”, most people who live in the Maitamas, Manhattan New Yorks, Californias, Lekkis of this world are actually poor- living from salary to salary, contract to contract. In fact, an article that used the term –Urban Poor- was criticized recently for making mockery of the real poor. But the truth is that those critics are neglecting what it means to be TRULY POOR.

The true definition of poverty
Poverty is Mental.
Poverty isn’t only when you cannot afford 3 square meals or a decent accommodation…. Poverty is when you take your $1500 or N100,000 salary and put it in a get-rich-quick scheme, or try to double your money daily!
And even when you do it successfully at the first attempt, you soon develop bad habit of gambling because you will want to do it consistently- which is virtually impossible (unless you are God)!

And the evidence show us that most of the people living in the poor areas of this world are poor physically because they are poor in their mind, actually.

I was poor too
I can make money easily, no doubt about that. I do not have a dearth of talent and opportunities to draw from to making money. I was born into a comfortable middle class home, I have family members and friends scattered all over the world, I am a medical doctor, etc. Yet I was poor!

I was poor because I could not control the way money left my hands. I was poor because I thought having so much to spend instantly- 'now now'- was what it truly meant to be rich. I hate (the feeling of) not having money to spend.

However, true wealth is not in how much you spend...but how well you spend. It is not in how much you earn...but  how well you utilize and maximize your income(s) regardless of the amount. Getting there is still way ahead.

The gift of handicap
Nigeria was represented by two contingents at the summer Olympics and Paralympics. However, it was the paralympians that got honored back home because “They did the nation proud” by winning numerous gold medals. The ‘able-bodied athletes’ were a 'disgrace' -or so the nation made them seem (-only winning one medal; the men’s soccer bronze, in spite of).
Credit: Vanguard NG
Then I read 2 Cor. 12: 7-10 (Message translation), and the message gave me a new meaning to handicap as a gift.

A Christian is truly rich...beyond her income

However, for the Christian who believes Ps 23:1, and who knows that his/her father created the heavens and the earth and can/will supply our needs anyhow he deems fit, and through anybody; such a person does not cling to material wealth. True Christians know that their supply is from above, accessed by faith in God and his word.

So as a Christian, let me answer the question I asked in the picture at the beginning of this article- "If you were to stop working now, will your salary/profits also stop?"

"The person who trusts wholly in God is truly rich, regardless of their bank statement".

If you claim to be a Christian and still need to swindle people, deceive others and generally cut corners in order to meet your needs, you are either not one, or you are yet know the God whom you serve.

I will release some strategies for making millions in the virtual football league (VFL)
Like I said above, I am called to help people make money, and I regularly get money-making ideas but can't help everyone, or work on every idea i get. Moreover, scams like MMM push me to want to do more for those around me in this developing economy called Nigeria.

I told you the other day that our maiguard brought me back to sportsbetting, and I was working on some strategies to help them make money seeing that they were hemorrhaging money, albeit little sums weekly through Bet9ja, Nairabet, etc. I decided to use my knowledge of having researched ways of making money in the sportsbetting industry.

I am presently through with my research on two strategies that can make you a million naira every month, if you apply any of them (but not together at the same time oh!) diligently WITH DISCIPLINE.

These strategies are not get-rich-quick strategies, though you will be shocked to know that when you exercise self control, and are patient in making money, the people around you will say you "got rich quick" (-even if you deny it. Do I have a witness? lol)If you try to overdo things, you will burn your fingers.

And please note that trading Sportsbetting is not for everyone. It is a marathon, not a sprint!

The two I am continuously working on for now are:



Please note that these are simply strategies to make money in the sportsbetting virtual football league (VFL) world, which need to be perfectly understood and applied with wisdom, patience, and very importantly, DISCIPLINE AND STRICT ADHERENCE TO THE STRATEGY.

I will not reveal every information for free. So, after that blog post, you are free to modify the FREE strategy I release for your own good and convenience. However, I will release an ebook containing my own ways of applying the strategies to making @ least N1 million every month. When the ebook is ready, I will let you know.

N.B: The ebook will not be free oh! lol

Woman makes $5000 by selling underwear that she wore for 3 straight weeks

If you are a woman, one of the ways you can make money online is by selling a used underwear for money to people who fetishize worn underwear. Gross isn't it? Not to them!

Websites like Sofia Gray acts as a medium between both parties- those who need extra cash and can sell their underwear for it, and those who will die to have the worn underwear.

Lady Kitten (alias), a 21-year old member of the site broke the record for the highest amount ever paid for a used underwear.

Why you have not been seeing adverts on my blog for more than a year
Google has removed their adverts from my blog because I attained a milestone (cash amount) that required verification of my address. And you won't believe that because of the epileptic 'snail mail' (post office) system in Nigeria, coupled with the fact that it has taken a while for me to settle in Lagos, Google has not been able to locate me with my money. lol. Once I get married now, all that should change. (Amen oh, lol)

Thanks for reading. Be successful!

Happy Independence day Nigeria!


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