19 Jul 2020


surviving in a post COVID-19 world series



5. Essentiality in ECONOMY: We are to use our Talents in serving the master by OCCUPYING TILL HE COMES.

What does that mean?

[Please note: ECONOMY cuts across all other mountains- Education, Religion, Arts & Entertainment, Media, Family, Government- because we need to be profitable, no matter the type or number of our Talent(s). Every kingdom has an economy, including God's!]

Profitability is most easily measured in man's fiat currency, but since God does not spend man's currency, he does not measure our value in Dollars/Naira/Pounds/Bitcoin,etc, nor does he expect us to be reliant on them by the time he returns to earth. 

Money is PRIMARILY a tool for the exchange of value. Money has NEVER created value, it only TRANSMITS (or seeks to transmit/store) the value CREATED by VALUABLE HUMANS.

[Money was itself created for that purpose and has been in existence from the time humans have been transacting value between themselves. That is why you can survive without spending money- and there are people presently on earth who do so perfectly as I type this.

God's money is a MEASURE of value, NOT fiat currency!

The parable of Talents is not parable of Dollars/Naira/Bitcoin, etc!!! Biblically, a Talent is a MEASURE OF WEIGHT/VALUE (Matt 25: 14-30).
So, the Church will be forced out of Babylon when the time comes very soon, with the release of the MARK of the beast.]

We must give back to Caesar what (fiat currency) belongs to him, and give to God what belongs to God (Matt 22:20-22). God will measure the profitability of this Tribulation generation by how well we served other members of the Church (during the Tribulation,) with the Talent(s)/resources he's given to EACH of us (Matt 25:1-46). God will not measure anyone's value by how much fiat currency they made or accumulated.

The Church has come full cycle. We are not saved to make money and accumulate personal wealth on earth. We are saved to be a blessing and bring down God's kingdom on earth.
Be prepared.

Measure your value the same way God measures it. Don't be deceived by man's fiat currency.

I will next continue the series with specific examples of how to be profitable in GOD'S ECONOMY, post-COVID-19.


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