10 Aug 2020




God's greatest business secret isn't in avoiding wastage or losses, but in being able to RECYCLE/RE-INCORPORATE WASTAGES AND BY-PRODUCTS IN AN AUTOMATED MANNER.

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Now gather the left-overs so that nothing is wasted (Jn 6:12).


In Medical school Biochemistry, we were taught so many biochemical cycles in humans including Citric Acid cycle, Ammonia/Nitrogen cycle, Kreb's cycle, etc. 

Energy is neither created nor lost but simply converted.... All through Nature, God teaches us how to automate things and efficiently handle our business by-products and wastages so that "nothing is lost"; so that nothing is useless, essentially! 

If you have problems in your business delegating and automating things, instead needing to micromanage people and processes personally...either you or the business will soon die young. You MUST create and adhere to guidelines and standard procedures that show no favoritism or nepotism.

Remember: Invest/Start a business to enjoy & free yourself- not to financially enslave or kill yourself installmentally.



Wastages are inevitable; losses are unavoidable. However, what differentiates a godly business system from an ungodly one is how they react to, and handle their wastes and losses.

Many erroneously think that what matters most is "multiplication" and "miracles" and "massive profits".... But we have seen lottery winners who went broke, we have heard of some called "a former billionaire", and we have also seen people who got miraculous healings but later had a worse illness come upon them.

This shows that "Management mentality" is more important than ​''production or multiplication mentality​''​. In fact, it is key to those two.

Of course, turning water into wine is lovely, miraculously multiplying 2 loaves and 5 fishes to feed 5,000 is mind-boggling, & taking coins from a fish's mouth is wonderful.... However, having an automated, waste-utilizing, losses-harnessing business system is best because it is reproducible and avoids the need to keep creating from scratch, every time. This is God's greatest business secret. 

That is why after God rested on the 7th day (Gen 2:2), he has not created Crude Oil, Gold, Diamonds, Energy, Water, etc, anymore. They are all simply FORMED/converted from his original creation, in chemical processes and Natural cycles.

Now, Satan can do magic. Babylon can make money. How do you create a godly business system that handles losses and wastages appropriately, not an ungodly one?

Start with what you have already and make it grow. Start small. Stop searching for MORE money, talent, miracles, etc...maximize what you PRESENTLY have and let money/miracles/talented people instead look for you.  Start with yourself and develop yourself daily, relying less on others till you have created an automated business system in which no human is indispensable including yourself- ONLY THE BRAND NAME WILL REMAIN, INDISPENSABLY. 

That is the secret to ​a ​"trans-generational" business! That is when you can step aside yet the business does not die. That is how to Invest/run a business that will grow exponentially and you will enjoy it freely- not drowned alive in debt and worries.

Create "Leverage" for yourself, or wisely make use of those created by others.
[Note: Leverage for trading is a double-edged sword. Use it cautiously. Know what you are doing.]

Look for "Arbitrage" opportunities created by circumstances around us.

Let your profits "Compound" to give you much more returns. But don't forget to enjoy the fruit of your labour alongside- investing is a marathon, not a 100 meters dash to a particular destination. Stop waiting "till the end"...take some profits, make withdrawals, spend some dividends, enjoy the journey.


1. Don't obsess over losses or wastages, simply create an elaborate management system that efficiently utilizes and re-incorporates the by-products of your business; somehow, somewhere.

2. Your waste is someone else's raw material. Your loss might be someone else's lesson in management experience. Let nothing waste- nothing and no one is useless.

3. Build a trans-generational business system from scratch, that starts small and greatly depends on you alone at the outset, but finally ends up making no one in the business indispensable- including you, the founder.

4. Make use of all the external resources you can access to doing that.



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