23 Jul 2022



What is a Global Recession?

During depressing economic times like this, when inflation and the cost of living rise faster than people's income, (poor) people always lose their hard-earned money. Lotteries, covetous pastors, pyramid schemes & fraudsters make lots of money from people who believe that the little they have is not enough, so they are tempted to double it by giving it out. This period is the time to keep money not give it.

Economic Depression is the time to keep money, not give it out!

I repeat- Economic Depression is the time to keep money, not give it out! 

Economic Recession

1. Run far from anything that increases your "covetous appetite" for example;

a) separate from a spouse, friends, or family that make you spend unnecessarily above your budget 
[-That means you must always have/live by a budget!! Remember that financial problems are the #1 cause of divorce. Separate now from a covetous spouse who refuses to live by your budget. They will still leave you when you have no money, anyway!!! While the person who will not leave will stay with you, even in poverty. Don't be deceived.]

b) avoid materialistic neighbors who tempt you to buy gadgets, cars or clothes you don't need in order to show off/keep up with the Joneses, 
[-Stop trying to show off or oppress people. Stop it, oh poor Blackman! Break free from the -"I beta pass my neighbor"- BLACKMAN SYNDROME. It is a curse.]

c) get out of Denominations that keep asking for Tithe/Seed/Offerings for White Elephant projects. They sell you a get-rich-quick-kind-of-God or ask you to use-money-to-bribe-God-to-insure-you-from-losses, etc.

They are covetous pastors preying on your poverty & low/ignorant state. 

From Genesis to Revelations, God never compulsorily asks for what he did not first give to you, without any doubt whatsoever as to who gave that thing to you/what is to be given to you. God is detailed. God is extremely specific. God is not a poor, covetous pastor. Read your Bible.

[Note: All the (donated, freewill offerings) money in the Church is for the poor- eliminating lack among members of Christ's body. If the rich members cannot build the stadium-auditoriums and other White Elephant projects of the Archbishop/G.O/Overseer, the poor folks have no business getting poorer just to massage a religiopolitical Lord's ego. There is no place from Genesis to Revelations where the poor are asked to give compulsorily to White Elephant building projects. From Genesis to Revelations, only the rich are taxed to give..., while the poor can give freewill contributions strictly!!! Even the Tithes was a tax of landowners- the rich. Only an ungodly person taxes poor people to give. There is not 1 place where God asked poor people to compulsorily give. 

Anyone who taxes others must first provide the basic needs of those he is taxing - Security, food/access to food, and economic survival.]

We Share

2. Think "SHARE", not "buy"! And don't be tempted to "go solo".
Look for opportunities to "share ride", "share food", "share rent", "share cost", etc. "Go Dutch" by sharing the bills with your wife/colleague/boyfriend, etc.

Stop trying to be a financial Superman by going solo. Look for ways to share. There is love in sharing. 

I reiterate- In economic recession, keep money, don't give it!!! SHARE (items/food/materials) though. Change your mindset from giving cash, to SHARING....

3. NEVER BORROW TO EAT/SPEND. Only take loans for investments.
The fastest way into poverty is to take loans for expenditure, instead of, for multiplying wealth.

A credit card used for materialistic consumption today will make your future-self poorer, by the time you get to that future. 

[From Genesis to Revelations, God is not against taking a loan. But he only recommends you borrow for investment.
Though he admonishes the rich to eventually cancel all loans to his people at specific (Jubilee) times, & for the rich to lend to the poor without charging them interest/usury, in order to help them survive in business.]

You must always pay back your loan after you have made money from it. In scriptures, only the poor are allowed to not pay back a loan (-because they don't have, of course). They are bankrupt.

4. Stop missing the whole point of Relocation, or having multiple sources of income!!

Relocation is never the solution- if you cannot curb your covetous desires for materialism in Nigeria, even when you get to UK, Canada, etc, you will quickly discover that "wants/problems no dey finish".

Also, getting multiple jobs/sources of income will make no difference if you do not first keep your costs low/cut off things that make you go out of budget. 

The whole point of relocation or getting other jobs is PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, not materialism. 
For example, I, Siji, am a medical doctor. If I develop myself and relocate to the UK, I will be paid higher for my clinical services. It is not "ja pa"- I am simply developing myself and giving my clinical services to the highest bidder, in a foreign country.

More so, even from here in Nigeria, I can work offshore as an expatriate doctor and earn pounds. I can work with Bill Gates here in Nigeria and earn in Dollars. I do not need to have a "ja pa" mentality.

In fact, there are people right here in Nigeria making far more money than doctors abroad. And there are citizens of the USA living under the bridge in California. It is not about relocation or "making money for making money sake"...but PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. Don't be deceived. 

Have the right mentality. Ditch your poverty "ja pa" mentality. Develop your potential and increase capacity from anywhere you find yourself. 

Have a mentality to SERVE PEOPLE/WORK excellently, then you will always have a job & be paid well. Stop being lazy or stagnant, whether in Nigeria or abroad.

5. Make (new) friends with THE RICH.

Who is a RICH PERSON? 

A wealthy person is anyone who has regular, multiple sources of income because they FIRST LEARNT TO DEVELOP ONE POTENTIAL, CONTINUALLY LIVE WITHIN THEIR MEANS & THEN MULTIPLY THE (EXCESS) LEFTOVER!!! 

The rich regularly develop & improve themselves to getting and increasing wealth, not waste resources. They might have business losses, but they always bounce back eventually.

The whole point of (personal) enterpreneurship is for you to have 1 source of income, first of all, then automate/learn to live within your means of that income i.e pay rent, feed & transport yourself on that 1st income. After you have financially stabilized on that first income, you will then look for a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. Don't chase #2 if you have not yet automated #1. Learn from those who have mastered themselves and also money.

All the best as we prepare for the Great Tribulation ahead.


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