18 Aug 2022



Boys in a human pyramid

Babylonian kingdom: The leader builds the pyramid by placing people under them. They build the pyramid down.

At the top of the pyramid in this kingdom, is a godfather/oppressor/MLM founder/earthly kings/leaders of religiopolitical empires. They are of necessity, the richest or most powerful in the whole empire...while every other person is under them, even to the point of being slaves to them. No matter what the followers do, as long as the leader is still alive, they can never be greater than the leader, who sits comfortably at the top of the pyramid and grows their ''Babylonian pyramidal influence'' by actively increasing the number of people under them.

For example, in a typical Multi-level Marketing (MLM)/pyramid scheme, the followers join under the leader who added them, and can never be greater or richer than the founder of that company, no matter what. They grow/invest in you ONLY BECAUSE their wealth directly grows in proportion to the work you put in for them, not because they genuinely care about you.

The leader will often do anything and everything to keep the followers under them perpetually, while he/she is always the greatest in wisdom, wealth, ideas, miracles, etc (or at least, must be made to seem so if the follower will not be exiled or punished for trying to outshine the leader- remember the book: 48 Laws of Power?). Deep down, they are not genuinely happy for you if you ever break off or become richer than them. They derive their respect and power from having you subservient to them perpetually.

Anyone who will excel above the leader will have to first forcefully break free, to either start their own empire too, or relocate under God's kingdom.

God's Kingdom: Here, the leaders are ''servant-leaders'' -at the bottom of the pyramid, not on top. They build up their mentees/followers/students/children to be richer and greater than them in all respects i.e. They build the pyramid up- constantly placing people above and ahead of them!

For example, you might see a father with this kingdom mindset, sell his car to send his children to school…
Or a godly mother sacrifice her last money to support her child in building a business she might not even fully understand…
Or a primary school teacher remaining poor materially as long as the students become very successful and greater than her…
Or a pastor forgo his authority to tax his members so as not to burden them with his own needs, therefore getting a job, or passive investment by the side…
Or you find a marketer or author who is more concerned about how his principles and product help you genuinely than to sell you (as a gullible customer).

The followers climb higher on their shoulders and always appreciate their mentor/teachers/parents at the bottom who gave them the foundation to become physically wealthier than them.

The godly leader’s ''Kingdom pyramidal influence'' is directly proportional to the number of people passing through them to the top. The sole person at the top owes their success to a lot of people under- who simply serve as their foundation to greatness, not as their perpetual slaves.

The focus is not on materialism, but on LEGACY- leaving a godly inheritance that can always produce wealth for the children/followers, whether or not the parent left physical houses or money behind. Most times, the children even use the legacy to get the wealth and lavish some of it on the parent/teacher in appreciation, long before they die. The children/followers are not emotionally manipulated or forced to regularly give to the leader/godfather/pastor/parent. Therefore, WHEN they give (not if), they give lovingly as a matter of honor and appreciation.

Babylon: Here, the leader often boasts e.g of being the richest pastor or wisest politician or smartest capitalist or polygamous, randy parent who deserves every iota of physical wealth and power and comfort they have acquired (of course, off their gullible and dominated followers, or through selfishly personalizing the commonwealth of the community due to their vantage position at the top of the food chain, or through unscrupulous business methods duping clients). They derive joy in showing off and oppressing others with their wealth/power. It was always all about themselves, not the AVERAGE person under them.

God's kingdom: Here, wealth is acquired simply as a reward for honest, God-inspired labor. Therefore, emphasis is on simple living...not showing off or boasting about material things of no heavenly value. We are wealthy, only when our business is genuinely helping the AVERAGE customer/member/inhabitant of the community. And it shows in the society progressing in all aspects, just as we are making money.

Babylon: In Babylon, no matter what the leader/parent gives their followers/children, it is just handouts; peanuts compared to what they keep for themselves. It is all about themselves. They are not actually maturing the followers to be greater than them- their real desire is for the followers to always look up to them forever. They are using the effort and glory of their followers to make themselves perpetually outshine all.

If they are parents, they have the mindset that - PARENTS EAT/LIVE OFF THE CHILDREN (''ama jeun omo kale'' i.e children are born/matured to feed the parents perpetually). It isn’t about lovingly sacrificing for the child and not expecting anything in return/not being entitled, knowing that the child will always come back to appreciate a parent that loved wholeheartedly and sacrificially. Nah!

Whatever they are seemingly doing for free for their members/mentees is ''sowing'' SIMPLY TO ''reap/rip them off''. That is their true motive...NOT LOVE!

They see their customers/citizens/staff/members simply as ''profits'' or ''numbers'' to be increasingly milked, not as valuable human beings who should be served and nurtured and groomed to bring out the maximum greatness in them, all to God's glory and the progress of the society. There is progress...only when they get their ambition/acquire more than all others.

For example, a Babylonian parent is either selfish and self-centered- keeping almost everything for themselves, only giving peanuts to the child, in comparison, when convenient; never sacrificially. Or, they give to the child with the mindset that they will milk that child eternally later on. It is after they are dead that the children enjoy/become free.

God’s kingdom: A godly parent, for example, does not see the child as sheep to be fattened simply for food in their old age.
A true leader develops the potential of those God has given to them with the mindset that- ‘’It is a privilege for me to mentor you…simply because I was born before you. Therefore tomorrow, I expect you to be greater/richer/higher than me and the whole world will be better off for it; God glorified.''

Babylon: People under the Babylonian curse hustle and bustle, doing anything and everything for money- ''the end justifies the means''- including praying/working towards the downfall of their neighbour, who must fall for them to rise; who must die for them to live. They do not believe God is sovereign and in charge, nor do they submit to his will and order. It is about their own will and desires, first of all.

God's kingdom: The people here understand that God, through the earth, is the one taking care of both husband and wife; children and family members. They know that originally, God created the earth to AUTOMATEDLY care for both Adam and Eve and their children- it was the curse that brought about ‘’hustle and bustle’’; male dominating females. So, they rely on God’s grace and accept his wisdom. They do not put pressure on the husband/father/pastor to do anything and everything just to materially satisfy them.
It is God's kingdom- not the husband's or pastor's or godfather's kingdom! It is God's grace, not ours!!

Prophecy: Come out of Babylon so that you won't partake in its judgment! It begins sooner than you expect.

Kingdom vs Babylonian pyramidal influence

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