24 Feb 2023


Edwin Castro wins $2.04 Billion Lottery Jackpot money
Edwin Castro announced as winner of largest Jackpot money ever

This month, a Californian man by the name Edwin Castro was revealed to have won $2.04billion in the November 2022 Powerball lottery. That amount is the largest lottery prize money to have ever been won globally.
It got me thinking- ''Siji, if you won that amount, would you still be at this job, in this country, or would you resign and start gallivanting around the world spending money lavishly in order to 'enjoy your best life now' (as most people would)?''

Would I write all the books I always wanted to write as time will not be an issue?

Would I still consider recording all the albums I made out to sing?

Would I found the companies, or a single conglomerate, to solve all the problems I always wanted to tackle, both in Nigeria and globally?

What about you?

Let me ask you also...
If you have $2billion, would you still be doing the exact thing/work at the present job or trade that you are presently doing?

If your answer is No! Then, you don't have a money problem, you only have a conflict of Purpose, and a passion/motivation dilemma.

Find a way to start what you really want to do, which you would do if money was no longer a problem for you. Find a way to make a business out of it, then, hopefully, you can find true fulfillment.

You only have one life- Live fully; Die empty!

And remember, you either find a way, or an excuse- the choice is yours!!

Find a way or an excuse

P.S: Castro opted to receive the lump sum payment of $997.6million, after taxes and other deductions.
Interestingly, in California, some part of the lottery winnings is given to charity- the Public Education School System. And mr Edwin was very happy to give back to the school system he passed through.

Live Fully; Die Empty

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