13 Jan 2024


Live a simple life

Using the same strategy I have used since I was born in Lagos more than 30 years ago, God has directed me to tell you to cut your living expenses down to the barest minimum, so that you may have excess, and hopefully, you will be willing to share some of that excess with those in poverty as we enter the Great Tribulation.

I will be using my life example, living in Nigeria and overseas. 

The underlying theme is this- LIVE SIMPLE, CUT DOWN ON COMFORT TOTALLY!!! I cannot stress that enough. The Great Tribulation is not like any period this earth has ever witnessed. Brace up. It begins now!

1. HOUSING: Your rent should not be more than 1 month's salary/income, if in Nigeria. In places like the UK, your rent or mortgage should not be more than your weekly salary. If you have to start living with people in a shared apartment arrangement, pls do so. If you do not have a job, you must not be paying rent at all. If the city is too expensive, go back to your village. If you pay the mortgage, get a tenant, including any of your biological children staying with you, and use the rent to offset your monthly bill.

My example; My father was a banker who had won a house in Festac before he was 28 years old, so he/we never paid rent growing up in Lagos. Even when we moved every time he was transferred about, his salary as a bank manager was always good enough to cover our rent, so, I never knew homelessness growing up. My mother’s family was always rich enough to have houses in Lagos, so I never knew homeless people from that side of the family. My dad tried his best to house all his siblings- at least 3 of them lived for free in our ‘’boy’s quarters’’ in Festac, till they all got married and moved out. He also ensured that his other siblings either had good jobs or built their own houses before he died in 2022. By the time my dad died, he had at least 3 completed houses in Nigeria.

When I finished medical school, I did my house job in UCH and my monthly rent of N5,000 was removed from my salary which was N175,000 monthly (equivalent to £700/$890 today). I served in Kano and was housed for free both in Wudil, and when I was in the corper’s lodge in Murtala Mohammed Hospital, Kano city. All my energy bills in both places were covered freely. When I came back to Lagos, I lived with a friend and then later in another friend’s family house. I never paid rent.

I only started paying rent in 2016 because I was to get married and my rent was just 2 months’ worth of salary as a medical officer. If I don’t want to pay rent in Lagos, I won’t! I have too many places to stay for free in Lagos. And even now, if I relocate to Abuja, Kano, or Port-Harcourt and choose to pay rent, then, it will be covered by 1 month salary/income.

To disobey this rule is to send yourself into debt and financial bondage. And you risk taking the Mark of the Beast when it is released.

If you are already in debt as I type this, this is key to becoming debt-free. Some husbands are in debt because of the high tastes of their wives and children. Get out of debt now!!!

Summary: If another person -your father/grandfather/husband/children- cannot pay your rent for you or provide a free house for you, ensure that your rent is not more than your 1-month income/salary. Relocate back to your village if need be.

2. FOOD: Be prepared to eat the same food every day for the next 3 years. Set a food timetable and stick to it. Also, be prepared to grow your food if you have empty space/land around you.
Today, I can still tell you my boarding house timetable for 6 years at Ijebu-Ode Grammar School. If I could eat the same beans and fufu and occasional rice for 6 straight years in Secondary school, you can also do it.

Eating the same food everydayIn primary school, we ate beans or Porridge in my house every single afternoon for at least 5 years. Even as an adult, I can eat Okro or Ogbono every single day for the next 10 years. But you must first control your gluttony- it leads to poverty. Moreover, there will be no glutton in God’s kingdom (Prov 23:2, 21, 30, Prov 28:7; Rom 14:17; Phil 3:19, Gal 5:21).

My example; I used to be a glutton growing up. One time around 1996, we had the usual Christmas party in my house and they put fried pieces of cow meat in a large ‘’baff’’ (2000 liter bowl), I ate the meat to the point that all my teeth were shaking, about to fall off. That was only when I stopped eating the meat, if not, I could have finished all the meat in the bowl.

In fact, I have been admitted to the hospital twice for eating too much; to the point of vomiting. The 2nd time I was admitted in 1998, I had overeaten because I was going back to the boarding house and would not have much food there, and my uncle told me on the way to the hospital- ‘’Siji, iwonba leyan jeun. Ma je bo se n ri’’. [Meaning- One eats a little at a time, don’t eat in response to the quantity of food seen.]

I repented and told God in the hospital; that I wouldn’t be a glutton anymore. So, I started fasting more and was able to put my appetite under control. Till today, I don’t eat as much anymore. I don’t drink alcohol and I live a minimalist lifestyle concentrating on possessing a few, quality materials. And I give away/declutter items regularly.

St Thomas Aquinas emphasized 5 ways you might commit gluttony;
Laute- eating food that is too luxurious/exotic/costly e.g. the meat of rare, exotic animals. This leads directly to poverty.

Studiose- eating food that is excessive in quality (too elaborately or daintily prepared). This can also include food with excess ingredients such as salt, seasoning, etc. This leads to Health and financial problems.

Nimis- eating food that is too much in quantity. This leads to Obesity and other health problems such as Peptic Ulcer Disease or Heartburn.

Praepropere- eating food hastily (too soon or at an inappropriate time), not taking time to chew. This can lead to health problems.

Ardenter- eating greedily (too eagerly or eating when you are not hungry). This also leads to Obesity.

Note: Drunkenness is a form of gluttony…for those who drink. You must never be drunk (Eph 5:18, 1Cor 6:10).

Summary: Be prepared to grow your own food, and/or eat the same food every day for the next 3 years. Do not be a glutton or drunkard- practice self-control.

3. ENERGY/LIGHT: There are 3 forms of Light-
a) Physical light from your energy company e.g. NEPA/PHCN in Nigeria.
b) Free, truthful information from the Press/Blogs/Social Media
c) Education

Ensure your source of (these 3 forms of) light is either free or cheap. Satan will usually block/distort/destroy 1 or all 3 forms of light in your life and society. Beware! People get enslaved with student loans or energy bills. Do not let Satan have you in bondage.

Learn how to start a fire without using matches or a lighter, especially in an emergency or in a forest. The 6 methods listed center on the same premise- finding a way to use sparks, sunrays, or friction to ignite a flame.
Hand Drill technique for starting fire

6 Methods for making fire without a lighter or matches-
a) The Hand-Drill method
b) The Bow Drill method
c) The Flint and Steel method
d) The Fire Plow method
e) The Ice-Fire method
f) The traditional lens method

Starting a fire with a magnifying glass lens

 My example: I don’t stay where there is no light. I always have light anywhere I live regardless of location. When we were in Festac, we had light. The first time NEPA took light for 1 straight week was in 1992, and my dad relocated us to join him in Ibadan that same year.

In Ijebu Ode grammar school boarding house, we always had light up to 1999, such that whenever NEPA took light on a particular night, which happened rarely, we did not have ‘’prep’’ (i.e. reading) for that night. But by 2000, we all had to buy rechargeable lanterns, as NEPA started taking light more often. And I left secondary school not long after. Also, my late father did not buy a generator until 1999- our first generator- which he bought to watch Obasanjo's swearing-in ceremony.

In Medical school, I had a generator, in case NEPA took light, though the light in Sagamu and Ikenne (Ogun State) was good back then. In UCH, Ibadan, the hospital compound had light 24/7. In Kano, Murtala Mohammed Hospital was the largest govt hospital and had 24/7 light. When I finished serving, I only stayed in parts of Lagos that had 24/7 light- Ogba in 2014, Irawo in 2016, Yaba in 2022. We always had light when I worked Offshore. Once there is no PHCN light, I leave the area. Now, I generate my own light. Moreover, I don’t have any student loans from medical school.

In the UK, you will have light only when you pay your bills. Lol. But seriously, I have been informed that legally, the energy company does not have the right to disconnect you even when you don’t pay (so that you don’t die of hypothermia and they get sued). They will keep appealing to you to pay up. [Ditto water bills too.] Moreover, Western governments regularly give citizens money to help with their energy bills.

You can also research ways of generating renewable energy from the Sun (Solar), Wind, Nuclear, Water (hydro), and Waste (Agricultural, household, or industrial waste), and apply this as we enter the Great Tribulation. I am particular about Biomethane (agricultural waste energy) and Solar renewable energy. You must cut away your dependence on fossil fuels. Stop polluting the earth. If you need to form a coalition/association, e.g. in your housing estate, to make it cheaper to go renewable or press it upon your government to go this route, do so now. Though the whole world is already emphasizing ''Climate Change''.

Summary: Depending on where you find yourself during the Great Tribulation, you will need to generate energy, using either a renewable source or natural items such as wood in a forest, as our forefathers did in the beginning after God sent them out of Eden. Do not use fossil fuels!!! If you are dependent on fossil fuels, start to wean yourself off it.

4. WATER: Unfortunately, in Nigeria, people have resorted to getting portable water by themselves since the public water corporation sector has been looted and destroyed by corruption and ineptitude. Many now buy ‘’pure water’’ sachets daily or fetch water from people who have boreholes, around their neighborhood.

However, the public Water Corporation worked efficiently while I was growing up (both in Lagos and Ijebu-Ode), so we had portable water inside our house in Festac, just as in Western countries. Later, when the corruption in Nigeria destroyed the public sector, my dad had a Well dug in our compound. And then, we had a borehole. And all our houses in Nigeria either have a well or a borehole.

There is not much to advise here other than-
a) Get water for free, as much as you possibly can. Only buy water when you have absolutely no other option.

b) If God could provide water from a rock in the wilderness for 40 years (Exo 17; Num 20), you too should always live by the Rock/close to a source of water! That is the key to survival in any wilderness situation.

c) If you are in a forest, locate and stay close to the river, there you will always find a civilization/community of people nearby.

d) If you are in a desert, use a camel, and also find an Oasis. Dress in clothes that reduce sweat and conserve water in your body.

e) Recycle your waste water. Israel is the #1 country for water recycling in the world, recycling as much as 90% of all wastewater. (The government owns all water sources in Israel though.) Many countries are catching up with Israel, including Chile, Netherlands, Spain, Australia, USA, Singapore and Namibia. The key is to recycle and treat wastewater to make it portable for drinking and farming.


Summary: Water is free in nature (except in Israel). If your annual salary/income cannot afford to buy you portable water in the city you currently live in, relocate to living close to one of many such free sources of water in your country, and start a new civilization there, if need be.

5. TRANSPORTATION: This is the easiest as well as the hardest of all. Transporting yourself is as easy as walking from one place to another, and can be as hard as needing to raise millions of Naira to buy a flight ticket or using most of your monthly salary to transport yourself to and from work. In the UK, you can simply buy a bus ticket for £5 and it will take you anywhere throughout that day in the city. I paid £68 monthly for a bus card that allowed me to go anywhere in that whole city for a full month.

However, I know that in Nigeria, the government has removed the subsidy, and fuel is now sold at N1200/L. Many have resorted to walking and are either very fit and/or very dark because of the Sun.

Some tips include;

a) You should only go out if absolutely necessary. If it can be done/logged into online, use that option.

b) Walking is good for you, as it is a form of exercise. It is free, too.

c) Ride sharing is best- find people at work that you can give a token amount and follow them to and fro in their car daily. And if they elect to carry you for free, good for you.

d) Find residences close to your workplace to live in. You can also do shared apartment living with friends/colleagues, as they do in the UK. Then, you will spend so little on transportation.

e) Use an alternative form where possible, like using a train instead of an airplane, and make sure you buy your ticket way ahead to get lower prices.

f) Some people will increasingly use teleportation. But that is a higher level of spirituality and takes practice.

Summary: Transportation is not as important as Housing or Food, as not everyone needs to be transported, and even when needed, the frequency or means employed will differ. The key is to find what works for you and stick to it.

Note: Almost all of these solutions require you to team up with others. It is easier to survive in a group than alone. Find people of like mind around you and start implementing these solutions now!!!!! Prepare before it is too late to prepare.

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