17 Sept 2014


sijinius.comThe United States of America presently has the highest number of internet billionaires. That isn’t surprising seeing that the internet was developed in America, and is regulated majorly by the American government. From Google’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Facebook’s Zuckerberg and Moskovitz, et al, to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, and Yahoo!’s David Filo and Jerry Yang, the dotcom era has created more billionaires and multi millionaires than the world has ever had or seen since creation.
But the search continues for Nigeria’s first Internet billionaire. Why is this? It may be due partly to the fact that, unlike USA, most of our population isn’t online. But it could also be due to the fact that that billion dollar idea is yet to be conceptualized and actualized by a Nigerian.

Now read carefully, I want to reveal the billion dollar secret to you. If you can do it first, you will be Nigeria’s first internet billionaire. The secret is simple but don’t be misguided by its simplicity to discard it as baseless and worthless.


Start a website or create an app or an online game (or anything you like as long as it is online), and get 100 million Nigerians to register on it, or download it, or use it.

Yes! That is the billion dollar idea. The race is already on…and it is a marathon. As I type this, some have already gone far in this race, but you can still overtake them. How do I know? Simple! Most of Nigeria’s population isn’t online yet, but they will be eventually.  In fact, from the stats in this link, Nigeria is the country with the highest percentage internet user growth (16%) in the last 1 year.

So the finish line is very much in the future. In fact, one of Nigeria’s first internet billionaire might still be a toddler right now, or might even be my first child (mind you I am yet to marry oh!). So it isn’t too late for you.
On a final note, I retain my dream to be one of Nigeria’s internet billionaires, and I won’t give up on that dream. But I also want you to be one too. Don’t forget that you are an entrepreneur, and to be a successful one, all you need is one…. One book, one song, one website, one app, one seed, one idea, one….(fill in the gap), to make it. Multiply that one by any number you like, and you don hammer be that!
See you at the top friend, you will make it.

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